A Mental Awareness Moment This inexorable calm stirs my soul. This lasting moment becalms my mind. I have struggled, but at last I am free. These rare moments of tranquility punctuate the otherwise haste of life like potholes in a street. We may steer around them, leap even, but if one is to pass straight […]

50 Word Stories: Pressure

"It nips and twists, coils and winds, drives me insane. I clutch and claw, itch and scratch, but I can’t get it out. I’ve tried so hard but it just won’t go. There’s just no relief. Never!" "From what, my love? You aren’t making any sense?" "Life."

Subtle Hurt

  Frustrated, unrated, A life so serrated-  Climb to the top, But the drop is too far. Shout out in darkness To find who you are.  This pain unabated, My life so debated-  By others not me, No hope in hell, But there’s waves to catch And I’m riding the swell.  They say that it’s dated, I’m feeling frustrated-  Yet write I must, As words are my thing, So cease the hurt Coz […]