50 Word Stories: Pressure

"It nips and twists, coils and winds, drives me insane. I clutch and claw, itch and scratch, but I can’t get it out. I’ve tried so hard but it just won’t go. There’s just no relief. Never!"
"From what, my love? You aren’t making any sense?"

Subtle Hurt

 Frustrated, unrated,
 A life so serrated-
 Climb to the top,
 But the drop is too far.
 Shout out in darkness
 To find who you are.
 This pain unabated,
 My life so debated-
 By others not me,
 No hope in hell,
 But there’s waves to catch
 And I’m riding the swell.
 They say that it’s dated,
 I’m feeling frustrated-
 Yet write I must,
 As words are my thing,
 So cease the hurt
 Coz I’m still imagining.