50 Word Stories: With Regret

And though we welcomed them with arms open, a smile creasing our desperate faces, they shunned us.  And though we offered food, lodgings, the comforts of home, they spurned our genuine invitations. And we regretted our recklessness, our hopes and shared loves. Were they our children? What had we made?

It’s In The Falling

When we are young, the transition from a crawling baby to a scampering child does not come without disaster. There is a certain inevitability about the fact we shall and do fall many times. And, that after it being witnessed by our parents once or twice, it will no longer hold the same fear. There […]

50 Word Stories: Viewpoints

Every elephant carried a suitcase tucked neatly under its tusks. Marching down the high street in one long line, the elephants bowed to each passer by in turn, then wandered out of town. “Where are they going?” said the adults as one. “Who packed their trunks?” laughed all the children.

50 Word Stories: Unseen

 Why’s it in stories containing ghosts, vampires and werewolves, every torch, lantern and match will flicker out just when the hero needs illumination? Do they put it on the packet: disclaimer: matches may extinguish when most required. Do you know the answer? Because I want to see what’s biting me.

50 Word Stories: That Gleam

 "Is there a forever, Grandma?" "I don't know, love." "But you're a ghost, aren't you?" The old lady adjusts her frail, grey frame in her oversized seat. "Not yet. Not quite yet." "You'll come back to tell me?" His Grandma's eyes blaze with once youth. "You can count on it."

50 Word Stories: Waiting For Snow

50 Word Stories: Waiting For Snow There’s a steel to the morning a cold unblinking chill. Birds fly with flapping scarves trailing, a dog wear’s three fleecy jackets and a squirrel just peers from his drey. Winter has set its sights on the foreseeable and wishes all to know. I do know, now where’s my […]