Ah, Sunday!

Sunday stands apart.
 A day to rest and dream,
 Place for thought and reflection:
 Clouds drift in languorous ease
 The wind wafting them farewell;
 Flowers bow petaled heads
 In reverance to a sleepy sun,
 And even the starlings chatter quietly;
 The usual hurly burly subsides,
 Aggregations put on hold
 And all
 And everyone
 Breathes deep.
 Ah, Sunday!


Hello & Goodbye

As the old year departs and a new begins, we take stock. It is a time for appraisal, review, and decisions as to paths taken and yet to take. A moments pause before the storm of another 365 days in this thing called life, we breathe one last breath of 2014. Goodbye old year, I say. Now exhale and start afresh. Hello 2015.

In Reflection

 I saw you in reflection, the distance between us incalculable in liquidity.
 You swayed as the breeze caught the mirrored surface, elemental, my own private dryad.
 You were captured in a puddle, held by the rain.
 Raven hair mixed with silvered light in flashes of storm.
 Hazel eyes eclipsed both to stare up at me, or out.
 I’m sure you looked, I’m positive!
 At least, that’s what I’ve always believed.
 Time stood still for me then, a world in sheen, your red, lace scarf billowing towards me in that miniature ocean.
 Funny how things look close enough to touch even when you know it impossible.
 Should I have lifted my eyes to see the real you?
 Would so simple an act have brought reciprocated love?
 I don’t know, although I often wonder.
 But in the blink of an eye, the passing of a sole, murky cloud, you were gone.
 Now, whenever I see water, I search for you, praying it’s captured your soul:
 It never has.
 I hate the rain!


 I thought it a haze
 Perhaps, a refraction
 Of light from a dream;
 A blurring of reality;
 Misshaping of air,
 But, it was not.
 I think I always knew
 It was the shimmer
 Of a ghost;
 A shimmer of the man I was,
 And somehow lost.
 I turned my back on the mirror,
 And walked away.

 (Image courtesy of j3ff3rson on deviantart.com)

A Last Warm Smile

Old bones are aching
Knees sensing seasonal change
A precursor to hibernation
And a berth by a blazing fire
The cookies have emerged from the cupboard depths
Sitting resplendent in a welcoming dish
They await an accompanying cup of tea
As do I
But for now I’ll sit by the window
Watch the autumn leaves
Slowly drift into carpets of tapestry colour
And say goodbye to the summer
With a last warm smile

(Perfect image courtesy of Arrow3 on deviantart.com)

Ghost in the Water


There’s a ghost in the water 

I no longer recognise

Trapped and alone in a reflective world

The eyes tell a story, but it is no longer my own

He touches the surface

I believe he strives to break free 

But no release is there for this past impression

I shall not be returning to his ways of doubt

He may lurk beneath known boundaries

A reflection of failures gone

Liquidated, discarded, unwanted

But I know whenever I look down

The eyes staring back will be his, not mine

Best I stay away from the water

And leave my old friend to his depths

Whilst I breathe the fresh air

At long, long, last


(Image courtesy of Studio4496 on deviantart.com)