50 Word Stories: Real Life

The man in the mirror beckons. Crooked fingers twirl a welcome, his grin twisted and uninviting. He paws at the glass with raking talons; it holds, but I’m unsure for how long. Is this what it has come to, a stand-off with myself. Is this real life in reflection.

Ah, Sunday!

Sunday stands apart. A day to rest and dream, Place for thought and reflection: Clouds drift in languorous ease The wind wafting them farewell; Flowers bow petaled heads In reverance to a sleepy sun, And even the starlings chatter quietly; The usual hurly burly subsides,  Aggregations put on hold And all And everyone Breathes deep. Ah, Sunday!       

Hello & Goodbye

As the old year departs and a new begins, we take stock. It is a time for appraisal, review, and decisions as to paths taken and yet to take. A moments pause before the storm of another 365 days in this thing called life, we breathe one last breath of 2014. Goodbye old year, I […]

In Reflection

 I saw you in reflection, the distance between us incalculable in liquidity.  You swayed as the breeze caught the mirrored surface, elemental, my own private dryad.  You were captured in a puddle, held by the rain.  Raven hair mixed with silvered light in flashes of storm.   Hazel eyes eclipsed both to stare up at me, or out.  I’m sure […]


 I thought it a haze Perhaps, a refraction  Of light from a dream; A blurring of reality; Misshaping of air, But, it was not. I think I always knew It was the shimmer  Of a ghost; A shimmer of the man I was, And somehow lost. I turned my back on the mirror, And walked away.  (Image courtesy of j3ff3rson on deviantart.com)