This The world shimmers, glistens in dazzling monochrome; the way to peace is paved in grey. A woodpecker breaks the still, tip-tap, tip-tap, tip-tap, or a keyboard, or my heart. Where others point and look, I slink into the shadow of a shadow, hide behind a dream and weep. This is it. This is it. […]

50 Word Stories: Dwindling

I dwindle, fade in and out. No more tangible than a vivid dream, I strive to remain where my feet find no solidity and fingernails grasp at air. This place dissolves, another lighter breath taking its place. My one regret, I’ve already forgotten how it felt, if ever I knew.


There are days when you wish you’d never opened your eyes, You spin in a vortex of uncontrolled nightmares, Focus torn screaming from your mind and laid out for all to see. I call these days somedays, as they aren’t everyday, or even yesterday. But one someday is too many for a person seeking to […]