This notion of emotion is milking me dry

This potion, this lotion it just makes me sigh

Plastering my body in what makes me my

But my’s not for sharing and that is no lie

So here in my corner with darkness I’ll fly

Constraints I am cutting, for me time to… die


They’re almost here!

Available very, VERY soon.


For Jean, things just got an awful lot worse.

Deep beneath the Arctic ice, patroled by orcas, both food and feared enemy, lies the Nordic city of Hvit. Within it, an Eternal Queen stirs.

And she isn’t very nice!


Unbreakable, She Dances

Adorned in scarves of rusting shackles, she twirls amidst the nightscape gloaming

It is her time, the quiet time, the time when others can’t see her dance

With fireflies and fairies, she jingles and clinks trapped in a marriage of the unappreciated

She is nothing, a nobody, a slave, he says from vile upturned lips

But, he hasn’t seen her dance nor twirl nor leap

Nor shall he

For she is unbreakable with a spirit stronger than the irons she bears

She is a creature of freedoms unparalleled and imaginations beyond his ken

She will out-think him, out dream him, outlive him

And she’ll smile at his threats and laugh at his disdain

She’ll bow with a smirk and cook as though feeding the maggots with parched earth and unctuous swamp

Sleep with one eye open, fists clenched and heart tight

But when those lying eyes close

Oh, when those lying eyes close

She’ll twirl once more in her unbreakable way right out of the door

As she has from the time her lips first said ‘I do’ when they meant ‘I won’t’

And she’ll dance in the shadow of the sleeping day and cry with tears of exultation and release



These chains that bind
They rattle and shake
Ill never be free
Not today, not tomorrow

I’ll wear them, frustrated
Dress them up, perhaps
But cold metal bites
Leaving deep, rusted impressions

One day, maybe, release
At least, in mind
For that’s one place
I’ll never be chained

But until that day
You’ll here my frustrations
A clinking and clanking
Of man against world

Night Divine

 So long in the searching,
 Daylight softly waning,
 He stands before the tomb
 A lifeless, tortured womb.
 But hesitate, not he,
 For love he must set free.
 He takes the coffin lid,
 And with effort does rid
 To stand over his bride
 Though in death she abide.
 He wipes a tear away
 To set her free that day,
 But light once cast is gone,
 He dallied over long.
 And with a canine smile,
 He’s missed for the long while,
 She steals his life that night
 With nought but vampire bite.
 Twin souls in Hell to shine
 And share the night divine.

 (Image courtesy of Forget666 on deviantart.com)