This notion of emotion is milking me dry This potion, this lotion it just makes me sigh Plastering my body in what makes me my But my’s not for sharing and that is no lie So here in my corner with darkness I’ll fly Constraints I am cutting, for me time to… die


They’re almost here! Available very, VERY soon. For Jean, things just got an awful lot worse. Deep beneath the Arctic ice, patroled by orcas, both food and feared enemy, lies the Nordic city of Hvit. Within it, an Eternal Queen stirs. And she isn’t very nice!  

Unbreakable, She Dances

Adorned in scarves of rusting shackles, she twirls amidst the nightscape gloaming It is her time, the quiet time, the time when others can’t see her dance With fireflies and fairies, she jingles and clinks trapped in a marriage of the unappreciated She is nothing, a nobody, a slave, he says from vile upturned lips […]


These chains that bind They rattle and shake Ill never be free Not today, not tomorrow I’ll wear them, frustrated Dress them up, perhaps But cold metal bites Leaving deep, rusted impressions One day, maybe, release At least, in mind For that’s one place I’ll never be chained But until that day You’ll here my […]

50 Word Stories: Release

She wandered through the vale an apparition of the girl she once was. One last voyage, she told herself, one final journey. The cliffs came soon. The drop came sooner. But she’d seen the sea, the ocean. They could never take that from her. Not now. Not ever.