I’m crippled by emotion  It tugs me to and fro  I’m desperate for release  But it just won’t let me go  This sensory tsunami   Too much for little me  I wonder, will it ever  Please, just let me be.   


 Put my old shoes on Walked out the gate Turned left at the shops Then right at the lake Strolled out the city Just gliding along The sun at my back  And humming a song Sky was in my eyes Smile played on my face Wanted to escape  All the human race On through the yonder On through the land I think that in heaven The whole thing […]

Silk & Sand

  To wash up on some distant shore. A dream so many would wish for. The actuality was less than my, or your, imagination would have had it.   There was sand, no shortage there, it looped around the island in a rough oval and tried to rejoin by a rocky outcrop the only thing to pierce […]

Making the Break

 Lonesome she pondered, Solitary stood, Facing tomorrow, Facing the flood. Courage assembled, Making the break, Hoping and praying It wasn’t too late. Waiting for sunrise, Brightest new dawn, And saying goodbye To being so forlorn. Emotionless, moored To pier by a rope She flings off forever, Goodbye to the dope. 


 Not meant for the city; Not meant for the night, A chrysalis opened Beneath soft red light. Eyes that hoped for sunlight Briefly touched my own, But all that you could say Was the alley or your home. I said you deserved better; I said I’d see you right, But lonely little butterfly Was more moth in the night. I think of you in evenings 0f if you’ve […]


 Don’t ask her what she’s missing For her tears should tell you so. Don’t ask her where her heart is For she lost it long ago. Don’t dally on the doorstep For the girl has made her peace. Now step into forever, So she may know release.

Dark Angel

  My dark angel  Screams My dark angel Dreams  Carried on an upland squall Feathers tearing,  Feathers ripping, Fighting to be free. She resists the call, Eyes blazing in defiance. She will not go without a fight, And they dare not strike her. She is imbued with the malice of others, For she has none of her own: She is fake of evil. But raven wings and ragged cowl, Leather […]


  Willow sways, Tendrils sweep  Stirring stagnant air. She strives to breathe, I feel her. If she could take Just one breath, One inhalation of purity, Expunge the canker of life  And rejoice? It is all I wish. But the wind does not draw, Instead, It ushers past at pace, And I know that once more The poor child Sighs.    (Image courtesy of Pure-Poison89 on