Fearing The Worst

A ghostly breath disturbs my sleep,

As over flesh cold fingers creep,

And eyes do fear to open wide

In case a demon they might find.

The chills do rattle through my spine;

My heart does beat in rapid time,

Until I get a lick to face,

It’s just my puppies warm embrace.

Respite of Thought

 A full moon pours into my dreams
 Suffusing thoughts in milk
 It cools me
 It calms me
 As the bad things retreat
 Rocks before white glacier
 They grind through my mind
 But are soon worn away
 As the pain subsides
 For another evening
 All that remains
 A porcelain millpond
 Awaiting that next thrown stone

 (Image courtesy of protogeny on deviantart.com)

Too Bad

 I yearn;
 It burns,
 She turns,
 I scream.
 At least,
 In head.
 Now hoping,
 She winks.
 I’m in.
 Strange ritual
 To begin.
 Young love,
 My first,
 Jumped in
 Feet first.
 Now glad,
 Not mad,
 Coz my girl’s
 Too bad.

 (Image courtesy of sundewDreams on deviantart.com)