Requiem to Goodbye

   Change: A state of flux, The transition from birth to life to death. Yet, here I am beyond, Changed, but not. Ensconced in night, Wrapped in shade, I mull over a soul departed, Whilst my essence remains. Reborn? Perhaps. Midnight has renewed What midday sort to strip, Obsidian obliterated gold. And although I feel […]

Midori (Requiem)

Her winsome smile, Like the rising sun, Crests the horizon of porcelain dreams. To lose a love that barely touched eternity Is a tragedy I struggle to bear. The cranes fly overhead in honour, Lotus petal falls  And another memory fades away. I am home again, Our home, Beside the Pacific breeze. Sliding doors open: […]

Requiem: A Backstory

I was laid in the dark, as is my way, Listening to a playlist of moving music. Relaxation came over me, a rarity, and I forgot myself. I forgot the time, the place, and the world about me, And drifted off into the child of thirteen I was So very long ago. The same song, […]