Requiem to Goodbye



A state of flux,

The transition from birth to life to death.

Yet, here I am beyond,

Changed, but not.

Ensconced in night,

Wrapped in shade,

I mull over a soul departed,

Whilst my essence remains.



Midnight has renewed

What midday sort to strip,

Obsidian obliterated gold.

And although I feel nothing,

Wish for nothing,

Would die for nothing, except, except…

There is still you.

Yes, you.

I would slaughter it all

For you;

Ride infinity’s tides

For you;

Kill all,

For you.

I would tear down eternity,

Strip away time,

Repaint the universe crimson

And laugh at the stars.

I would.

I could.

I will.

Yet, I pause.

Incisors hover, halt, retract,

Cannot strike,

Cannot bring you back,

Return and rebuild you,

My Immortal, the one I have found after so long.

I won’t.

I can’t.

I shan’t.

Love remains.

Love forces my hand.

And, as I lie you down,

Replacing earth one crumb at a time,

Recovering that which should not have been uncovered,

I weep.

Not for me.

Not even for you.

I weep for she who turned,

Killed and remade me.

She who will know forever in darkness,

As I stand before one last sunrise

And smile.

—see you soon.

—see you soon.

—it’s beautiful to say goodbye.

Midori (Requiem)

Her winsome smile,

Like the rising sun,

Crests the horizon of porcelain dreams.

To lose a love that barely touched eternity

Is a tragedy I struggle to bear.

The cranes fly overhead in honour,

Lotus petal falls 

And another memory fades away.

I am home again,

Our home,

Beside the Pacific breeze.

Sliding doors open:

Her footprints rest in rice-paper trails,

I struggle to look,

And refuse to see.


Softer than silk,

Our love is your requiem

For in me it shall always thrive.

Requiem: A Backstory

I was laid in the dark, as is my way,

Listening to a playlist of moving music.

Relaxation came over me, a rarity, and I forgot myself.

I forgot the time, the place, and the world about me,

And drifted off into the child of thirteen I was

So very long ago.

The same song, same environment, same outcome.

I was back in the moment as though transported in time.

And as the music approached its finale,

The young me expected the usual song to follow it:

It didn’t.

I forgot where, who, and what I was in that moment between spaces,

Right up until the first note cued up: Mozart’s Requiem.

That’s when I realised growing up wasn’t so bad, after all.

(Image courtesy dylancg on deviantart)