One Should Always Say Thank You

I don’t want money and I don’t want fame. I would, however, like to be recognised for being good at what I do. One day, anyway. Accordingly, I would like to extend an enormous thank you to (and you all know who you are) the many people who have written such wonderful reviews of my […]

The Crime and Detection Book List

As I’ve said before, I go through periods where I can’t get enough of one genre or another. For a time, crime and detection stories were my genres of choice. My passage through theses genres went something like this: Fantasy-Steampunk-Victorian Literature-Victorian Detection-Detection-Murder-Scandinavian Crime. I know that’s a funny old way of doing things but that’s […]

If The Moon Could See Me Now

If the moon could see me now Playing in the sun Running on a windswept day Smiling, having fun If the moon could see me now Basking in the light Soaking up the solar rays Shades against the bright If the moon could see me now Watching beauty shine Flowers, birds, and pretty things Isn’t […]