Llamas in Pyjamas

Llamas in pyjamas Seemed unusual, true But llamas in pyjamas Proved an interesting view As llamas in pyjamas Spat at all of the cars Yet llamas in pyjamas Never once spat at ours So llamas in pyjamas Keep on doing your thing Then llamas in pyjamas In my garden, keep living Oh, llamas in pyjamas […]

The Fear Deal

I wrote this ditty as a prelude to a later piece. The wonderful R (please check out her site it’s really very good) is apparently immune to fear. She reckons she’s unscarable. We will see. I’ll soon put my mind to that little dilemma. For now, this. I know a girl who says she’s unscarable […]

A Most Beautiful Witch

She hid in her house of crumbling brick Afraid of the daylight, it made her quite sick Afraid of the noisy, the loud and the brash Preferring the moonlight and nights soothing sash Caring for nature in ways we would miss With eyes like the moon, such sweet silvered bliss Until come one midnight, we […]

Yesterday’s Lunch

A creeping, sneering, scheming bunch They set their teeth, your bones to crunch To masticate and chew you up Yes, every bit even your butt That might sound crude, a bit uncouth But listen, friend, for here’s the truth Those terrors in your basement deep Are waiting for your soul to reap So don’t go […]

The Pumpkin King

With teeth ablaze and eyes alight, With infernal grotesque delight, The pumpkin king did crawl from ground And catch the arm of he who found. He said, ‘Hey, boy, where have I been?’ ‘Is this the world of Halloween?’ To which the child did bow and lie, ‘It’s not, my lord, I’ll testify.’ So pumpkin […]

The Spider (Horrific & True Tales)

I took this photo myself. I apologise that I daren’t get any closer.    We have a spider That’s ever so large She hangs from our window The size of a barge I wander up to her And peer through the glass But all I can see  Is her gigantic ass She’s covered in blood […]


Hidden in a midnight eve Darkest vision did perceive Heart of glass, onyx black Devil seeking to get back Locked me with a crimson gaze Eyes of his, so fierce ablaze Twisting all that I did know Deepest thoughts hidden below And though I wished to hasten, run Scatter like a dying sun I stood […]