The Pumpkin King

With teeth ablaze and eyes alight, With infernal grotesque delight, The pumpkin king did crawl from ground And catch the arm of he who found. He said, ‘Hey, boy, where have I been?’ ‘Is this the world of Halloween?’ To which the child did bow and lie, ‘It’s not, my lord, I’ll testify.’ So pumpkin […]

The Spider (Horrific & True Tales)

I took this photo myself. I apologise that I daren’t get any closer.    We have a spider That’s ever so large She hangs from our window The size of a barge I wander up to her And peer through the glass But all I can see  Is her gigantic ass She’s covered in blood […]


Hidden in a midnight eve Darkest vision did perceive Heart of glass, onyx black Devil seeking to get back Locked me with a crimson gaze Eyes of his, so fierce ablaze Twisting all that I did know Deepest thoughts hidden below And though I wished to hasten, run Scatter like a dying sun I stood […]

One More Bite

Where the woods run red with plasmic sap And the howls are many, not few And the light’s tinged grey all times of day And the nights a bitter, dark blue That’s where they hunt, or so I have heard The hordes of the Nosferatu Sneaking upon the living and lost In particular children like […]

A Murder of Crows

In a meadow by a lake sat a crow upon a gate cawing at me with a beak like night So I gave him a good stare, sometimes here, sometimes there until the little fellow lost the fight But I hadn’t counted on the bird just not being done, as he flew about me pecking […]

A Familiar Bite

 There came a gnashing  Teeth a clashing Chomping at my leg  And terrified Quite scareified It felt like I was dead  But opening peepers Eyes of sleepers The shock at what I saw  As teeth a gnashing Myself a clashing My dentures on the floor  Had locked to my foot What a fine rut I tried to shake them off  But teeth a tangled My leg mangled To bed, I’d had […]


 Cascade Of mind Wording Unwinds Letters Falling Message Calling Words a Tumbling Poem Rumbling Structured In part Pleasing Then art Or just Feelings I’ve been Sneezing Who can Tell me If right Cheer me