Was (The Riddle)


If ever Was was
Was was never not
Unless she really was
And I was not?


If Was ever is
And is ever Was
Then she was Was
Still, I was not


One day Was will
She’ll say Was was
And Was will leave
Was and I, was


50 Word Stories: The Riddle

She heard him but couldn't see him; felt him but couldn't touch him; sensed him, but only when she closed her eyes. And so it was until it wasn't, or, was? When it changed, she could do them all, but didn't want to. That was the saddest part of all.

The Riddle

She huddled in a puddle
Befuddled and confused
Her compass was so muddled
Her mind it was bemused
She asked me for a cuddle
Her bubble seeming burst
So muffled by my muscles
I hugged her though rehearsed
That little frightened muggle
Old lady, double aged
She nuzzled at my stubble
I thought her truly crazed
She struggled with emotions
A rubble of loose tears
The riddle was her mind lost
And that is all our fears