Water’s Edge (A Sunday View)

Today was a bad day before I'd even finished my coffee, (that's not good). So, after a run not clearing my brain, the next best thing was a walk to the river.
In truth, where I live the river is more estuary than actual waterway. Over a mile wide, the Humber is at its best on a clear, sunny day where the wind remains strong. The results are pictures like the one above.
The wonderful Neil Gaiman wrote about 'The Ocean at the End of the Lane', a great book by the way. This is my real life version ' the estuary at the end of the path'. It's not quite as magical but it does the trick.
Sometimes all you need to remind yourself of the important things is a view. I'd like a few more mountains, but beggars can't be choosers.

I hope your own weekends contains some magical sights too.

Richard M. Ankers
Author of The Eternals Series
The Eternals
Hunter Hunted
Into Eternity (Very Soon!)


 Reflections in the river
 Ripple, as her dreams.
 So many possibilities
 Trickle outwards
 Against the reeded banks.
 It is here the warblers nest
 Unaware of her course,
 But to she, they are the demarcations
 Of a voyage,
 A route as far removed
 From the concrete hell she flees from,
 As her mind will allow.
 But why worry where one drifts,
 When the act of drifting
 Awakens a gladness in a heart she thought lost?
 Questions to muse on,
 As the mirrored surface
 Is kissed by the rain.
 Onward to the freedom of the pooling sky.
 Onward as a ripple will she.

 (Image courtesy of meladori on deviantart.com)

Multiversal Currents

 There is a river
 Between worlds,
 Through the lapses
 In between time.
 Space is its home,
 Or the space
 Between space,
 I hope to see it
 One day,
 Out sparkling worlds.
 I wish to travel it
 In a boat
 Made from dreams.
 I’ll dip in my hands
 In the multiverse
 And flick its essence
 On you.
 Then, perhaps,
 You’ll travel it too.
 Perhaps not,
 But I should like
 To try.

Amazon Dreams

Amazon Dreams image

Chocolate serpent of meandering length
How you twist and turn
Through the verdant greenery
Past dangers untold
And beauty unrivalled
Ancient yet new
To be a twig upon your writhing body
Drifting to some unknown shore
To taste the salt on your skin
Hear the chorus of gulls above
Tis a journey seated deep in my mind
I desperately wish it so
But I am no twig
Nor flotsam and jetsam am I
I am just me
It is my imagination that must traverse
Your mighty dimensions
Still, think of me on your rushing way
As I, in turn, think of you
I shall enjoy the ride