50 Word Stories: Redemption

Without a breath of wind, the galleon slid into the heaving fog dispersing not a ripple. Only the ship’s ensign, an empty circle black on white, fluttered in the rancid air. A nationless ship on a nameless sea and only me to sail her. Limbo our voyage, redemption our goal.

50 Word Stories: Wonderful Departures

The angled sunlight made mirrors of the water, the sky below as above. It was like sailing between worlds in neither one realm nor the other, a breath held. My small boat made passage as though on that final trip we all must take. If so, what a wonderful departure.

Author's Note: as almost all my pictures, this is from Pixabay due to no attribution being required. But I just had to say WOW!

Moonlit Seas

 Upon a moonbeam
 Casted sail
 To ride across
 A moonlit veil
 To crest the stars
 Obsidian sea
 And drift my way
 Back home to thee
 La Luna calls
 In silvered song
 In wake I strive
 To carry on
 And though I know
 This just a dream
 It still to me
 Celestial seems

 (Image courtesy of khaotik-memeredus on deviantart.com)

Don’t Weep (A Sailor’s Lament)

 Don’t weep for me with sapphire tears
 Bejewelled eyes should hold no fears
 For gone I am, but not forgot
 My love dispersed it matters not
 As one day soon we’ll meet again
 Our love till then it will not wain
 And reunited in golden light
 We’ll share eternity, flying bright
 So dry those tears don’t weep for me
 The man you lost beneath the sea


Uncharted seas of cresting waves

For thirteen months and twenty days

Across an ocean of endless blue

With nought to treasure except for you

The dream I’d had of where you’d be

Pacific beauty beyond the sea

I sail there still, and will fore’r

Until the girl with raven hair

Rests in hands of windswept tears

And vanquishes my rising fears

That all I’ve done should not have started

In finding love with she uncharted


 Washed up on a foreign shore
 No memory of what’s gone before
 Feel the sand and touch the sky
 Yet recollection drifts on by
 Turning eyes unto the sea
 The place you sense your friends to be
 You beat your fist and scream aloud
 The only one left from the crowd
 No destiny, nor fate can cure
 The pain you feel and do endure
 As heaven watches through cotton veil
 To shipwrecked soul without a sail
 So swim back out until you tire
 In tidal surge that quells your fire
 Until you slowly sink below
 To be with those you once did know

Sail On

I sail across to distant shores on liquid beams of gold; 

Sea mist swirls across my vision quickly dissipating in their glow.

I do not remember where I came from, but know to sail on?

It is the way; it is the only way.

Drops of rainbow dew pool on my skin.

Each colour reminds me of something, but I can’t recall what?

I am plagued by it, soon obsessed, and the mist seems to respond by sheafing me, protecting me from myself.

I toss and turn, feel the need to step from my small boat, am distressed.

Darkness seeks to encroach upon my golden highway and panic seizes me.

I feel myself lost, adrift, a breath of memory.

Then, at the point of frenzy the moon rises through the murk, cloud subsides and the golden beams turn silver, calming my fractured mind.

A voice comes to me through the gossamer night.

I know it, and feel relief as it soothingly calls, whispers through my dreams.

“Sail on.”

(Image courtesy mindsend on deviantart.com)