50 Word Stories: Redemption

Without a breath of wind, the galleon slid into the heaving fog dispersing not a ripple. Only the ship’s ensign, an empty circle black on white, fluttered in the rancid air. A nationless ship on a nameless sea and only me to sail her. Limbo our voyage, redemption our goal.

The Wreck of Me

There was no way to know,

No way to halt the impetus,

An impossible shattering of sailor

Upon the shores of love.

It wrecked me,

Destroyed all that I was,

All that I would be.

The clashing rocks of our expression collided,

And though I thought destiny,

The nature of life and all it encompassed

To be bested,

I was wrong.

Now, I flounder in the ocean’s spittle

Tossed about in ragged disrepair.

Yet, still I come up for air,

Refuse to drown,

Refuse to diminish. 

And, although I know I have no reason to believe it,

I hope for recovery,

For rescue.

I hope for you to recover

The wreck of me.

It is a dream,

My nightmare made real.