Sands (Tanka)

West wind whispering
Goodbye to a citrine sun
Tropical farewell
Feeling the white beach
Running through our bare toes
Like the sands of time

Love Lost to the Sands of Time

 I felt her,
 She stirred me.
 An oasis in the sands of time,
 She calmed me.
 Raven-haired and chocolat-eyed,
 She flowed through a memory,
 I thought I’d lost.
 She said nothing just put a finger to her perfect lips,
 Then kissed me.
 Amidst the colours of a burning sun, we held each other.
 No words needed,
 No questions asked,
 We imprinted on the universe and knew happiness.
 When I opened my eyes,
 She was already fading.
 Like the sands she’d come from my vision collapsed to dust,
 As did my heart.
 Somewhere out there it sweeps across the cosmos in temporal winds seeking her.
 It will never rest,
 Nor I,
 Until it merges with her again.
 It is my dream,
 My hope,
 My everything.

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Desert Sands (A Golden Dream)

She came to me through swirling sands
A golden dream more brilliant than the sun,
A mirage of perfection; a burnished fantasy;
Hair sweeping behind her as though a raven cape,
Cheekbones slicing through the Saharan haze,
She radiated an energy far beyond that of the sun in
Silken skirts like coral, so far removed from the sea.
I shaded my eyes from the searing orb overhead
Afraid if I didn’t the tears would go to waste.
Cleopatran figure, beguiling, an unmissable enchantment,
So light of foot as to barely disturb a single grain of sand,
She glided to me.
The desert moved with her, undulated in her wake.
Yet like a viper her eyes fixed on prey, 
More deadly than a sandstorm,
And just as intangible, she sought to consume me.
But the catch was this: I wanted it!
I wanted the desert, the heat, the expanse of dreamlike gold;
I wanted it all and through her it should be mine.
But not for one second did I forget what I wanted the most:
I wanted her. I had to have her!
She was my Princess; my life; my love, my golden dream.

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