Sands (Tanka)

 West wind whispering Goodbye to a citrine sun Tropical farewell Feeling the white beach Running through our bare toes Like the sands of time

Love Lost to the Sands of Time

 I felt her, She stirred me. An oasis in the sands of time, She calmed me. Raven-haired and chocolat-eyed, She flowed through a memory, I thought I’d lost. She said nothing just put a finger to her perfect lips, Then kissed me. Amidst the colours of a burning sun, we held each other. No words needed, No questions asked, We imprinted on the universe and knew happiness. When […]

Desert Sands (A Golden Dream)

She came to me through swirling sands A golden dream more brilliant than the sun, A mirage of perfection; a burnished fantasy; Hair sweeping behind her as though a raven cape, Cheekbones slicing through the Saharan haze, She radiated an energy far beyond that of the sun in Silken skirts like coral, so far removed […]