Christmas Visitors and Fear Unbounded

Through mists and madness, they came. Preceded by a blazing streak of crimson, they curled through the night like blood under dark, transparent skin, their master’s booming battle cry filling the void.
I feared then. I’m not proud of my shame, but a truth is a truth and quivering lips go undisguised. Sheer terror took me, and I feinted beneath that star-sprinkled night. To darkness I fell. To darkness I ventured.
I awoke to a diminishing Ho… Ho… Ho… and a new pair of burgundy socks. What an awful night. What a demon he was.

The End


Christmas Found

 A snowflake did transgress ‘cross eye
 And I did ask, is Christmas nigh?
 As spinning, twirling, cobwebs fell,
 My answer came and all seemed well.
 And as a jangling, jingling tune
 Did cut across the winter moon,
 I knew a Santa laden flew
 And suddenly no more was blue.
 As joy of season did abound
 At last in snowflakes, Christmas found.

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