Darker Than Dark

Author’s Note: from my WIP.

There is dark. There is darker. I fall somewhere in between. Some might say the black void of infinity close; it is too cold for my liking, too remote. The storm would come closer, those moments before the lightning strike when midnight gathers and fury threatens; I am not furious, I am quiet like a forgotten whisper. There are so many shades, so many names, from obsidian to slate and back again, so many ways to clarify that which must roam free. In a world of the definite, I am without category. In a universe of polished perfections, I am less reflective than one would wish. So, my friends, my less than fortunate disciples, I can say only this. I am the night, and woe betide the light that escapes me.


#VignetteSeries – She Wore Feathers


Author’s note: I wrote this scene for a specific story and then didn’t use it. It seemed a pity to waste it, so I hope you like it.


I came upon her quite by accident. She cowered beneath the boughs of a cherry blossom tree, one of which I presumed had disgorged its petals on her shivering self. She was one mass of light pink.

“Hello,” I said, then rolled my eyes at such predictability. I’d never been good with the ladies. If any of my friends had accompanied me, they would’ve charmed her with some wonderful opening line. I envied them often, but was glad of their absence this day.

If the enveloped girl heard me, she did not show it. She never even raised her eyes, her shivering intensifying.

“There’s no need to be afraid,” I tried. Still nothing.

I might have walked on by and left her to it, but it just wasn’t me. Her desperation called, and I answered.

I walked softly over to her, the grass lush and damp under my feet. Afraid that if I touched her she might scream, instead, I crouched beside her and whispered, “You don’t have to be afraid any more.”

I don’t know why I said it, nor why it moved her, but it did. The girl stirred, her second skin of pearlescent nature shimmering.

When she stood, her eyes agleam in gold, I realised why she hadn’t dared stir; the petals that buried her fell away as feathers, and she shone even more.

I am fallen,” she breathed from everywhere and nowhere. “Help me. Show me the way home.”

#VignetteSeries – Revenge

This is a working sample from a piece that I’ve written about forty-thousand words of. I’m undecided whether to call it Dark Tides or The Repaired. It’s annoying me.

The tides sucked and pulled, pulled and sucked, the disparate occupants of the boat left to shield worried faces from the sea spray. If ever a scene was further from that of the Homelands, Kara found it hard to imagine.

Lord Caw and Squab appeared even less enamoured than Kara, Kyle and the professor. Lord Caw had turned his back to them, his great black feathers flicking up in the wind like black eels to peck at his neck. Squab remained impassive. The larger of the Crows stared into the chopping waters with a face like thunder and mood to match. Kara pitied any Shark Man that returned; storms crackled behind Squab’s eyes, he wreaked of revenge.

#VignetteSeries – The Game of Death

Author's Note: In matters of life and death experience always trumps youth. Just another ditched scene, but as my knees are aching it seemed apt.

Objects 365

He sat at his desk oblivious, tap-tapping away on the typewriter, the words flowing from his fingertips. A lukewarm cup of coffee stood still steaming in the cold study, the old man too tired to set a fire when there was work to be done. He shivered, but not because the door had clicked open.
The assassin smiled. An easy job made easier. His target, the once much vaunted Sam 'the man' Witty, creaked even louder than the leather seat he sat in. A sneer escaped his lips as he raised his gun and levelled it at the back of the old man's head.
The shot came. A body fell to the floor.
A final tap of the keyboard and Sam stretched, his right arm still holding his trusted revolver as though it belonged there. He cracked his stiff neck, the sound louder than the silenced gunshot, and cast a second look to his reading glasses; the assassin was as dead in the left lens as he'd been alive in the right. Another dead body in a life full of them, Sam thought. Sixty years old he might have been, but experience counted in the game of death.

#VignetteSeries – Troubled

Just some interplay today.

“I have never been so troubled as I am right now.”

“Right now.”

“Yes, right now.”

“That’s put a dampener on things.”


“Because I’ve never felt so elated.”

“I see. Perhaps we might meet somewhere in the middle, a rendezvous of mediocrity, so to speak.”

“You’re not suggesting…”

“I am.”

“Oh, God, we’re going to pretend we’re Belgiums!”

“Sorry, though I feel a little better at the thought.”

“And I feel only slightly less good.”

“Hooray, three cheers for Belgium.”

“Let’s make it two.”

“Good point. Best to stay in character.”

#VignetteSeries – Incendiary

I think this one speaks for itself. In an alternate Steampunk setting, I was working with the concept of Hitler being a child only, but already with the potential to follow in his father’s footsteps, (can’t say who in case I end up using these sections).

“There was never a doubt in my mind, every word he spoke was incendiary, tainted and meant to incite.”

“Do you remember the little rapscallion’s name?”

“I do, I shall never forget it. Like his eyes, it was cold.”

“Do I want to know?”

“I feel we shall all know sooner or later. It was Adolf, and it chills me still.”

#VignetteSeries – The Baltic Graveyard

This is a dummy scene from Into Eternity — book three of The Eternals Series — where Jean walks into a landscape he cannot comprehend. Someone does, though.

They sprung from between the misting carcasses of all that was humanity, those rusting hulks and sunken detritus. Great fields of them appeared out of the gloom some splintered, some protruding at lopsided angles from the mud and pooled water, some standing proud in the shape of the cross. Rags hung from them flapping in the slight breeze, a never ending vista of death. Although hot-blooded life was not mine, I chilled at that view. Something terrible had happened all those centuries ago, but what remained a mystery.

I glanced across to Aurora who shrugged, then to Grella, who would not meet my eye.