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Making Time

“It’s a fold in time. A crease, one might say.”
“But, how will we get home, professor?”
“We are home.”
“I mean home to the right time.”
“There is never a right time until time ends and we become time-less.”
“But that’s death. I don’t want to die.”
“Where do you think you are now, Simon?”
The boy called Simon looked to the stars above and below, to the twisted moon and galaxial swirls, to the indigo haze and transparent people, and made a decision. “I don’t want to go home, professor. Not without everyone else, anyway.”
“Good boy. If only more people thought like you. We’ll stay a little longer, instead.”

Nonlocal Science Fiction Sale

Hi everyone. I thought I’d pass this offer on to those of you who are interested.

Nonlocal Science Fiction Issues, 1, 2 and 3 are all on sale at $0.99. Here’s the link for you http://goo.gl/zWNwvu


PS. Don’t forget that I’m in Issue 4 because every copy sold goes towards buying me coffee. And boy do I need it!!!!!

50 Word Stories: Displaced

Acute angles and monochrome, my head spun with the reality of the situation: I was not where I should have been.

Where emerald forests and blue lagoons should have ranged before me, all stood in a noir decline.

The chronometer read 2015. The future heard my displaced screams.