Surreal Views

Surreal, suggests the fish-headed man Battling against societal currents, swimming against the tide He’s getting nowhere fast just as he likes to Bobbing up on occasion so plastic ears might listen to A piano with bones instead of keys sounding a glockenspiel salute That migrating sparrows, pink and proud, nod agreeably to Whilst carnivorous sunflowers […]

Temporal Lovers (Part 5)

Gwendolyn was everywhere. Her eyes watched, lips kissed, heart went out to me. As I ventured to shift the paradigms of space and time, her image sought to secure me. She wrestled with infinity, and I realised what a fool I’d been. Why search for the answers to the past when one had an unexplainable […]

Temporal Lovers (Part 3)

The chemical soup entered my mouth with stinging acidity, then flowed down my throat like the bitterest pill. A churning crock-pot, my stomach took the brunt of the attack. Soon, the pain in my body was eclipsed by the burning behind my eyes. The room spun. The world spun. Just I thought myself time’s greatest […]

Temporal Lovers (Part 2)

Formerly the trappings of an aquanaut, my containment suit was a most uncomfortable means of surfing time. As already mentioned, the weighted, steel boots I had secured to the tiled floor allowed for no lateral movement. Good, because if they had, there’d have been no telling where I may or may not have materialised, or, […]


I had flirted with the idea of immortality, who hadn’t, but discarded it with little further thought. When one was young, one dismissed such notions. When one grew older, in my case, much, then it required further attention. I had no need for a body; it had always been a disappointment. My brain required the […]


In the unfortunate aftermath of the super monkey shenanigans, I retreated into my shell. No one enjoyed monkey overlords, even less so their creator. I locked the doors, bolted the windows, climbed down into my cellar-cum-bunker and watched daytime television. The real issue came when the super monkeys took over the chat shows. They were […]

Of Rats and Monkeys

 I've just spent most of a nice long walk to the coffee shop this beautiful Sunday morning explaining my theory of why I believe my wife a monkey. As you can imagine, she was enthralled. From the Darwinian explanation of the opposable thumb, hers always getting caught in my trouser pocket when we hold […]

The Lost & The Lost

The Lost & The Lost To lose one’s faith was to lose faith in oneself. Until that first tick-tock, I had lost faith, all faith, instead, replacing it with something only the lost could comprehend. I was lost for too long but would find myself again. # She rose from her bed of rose petals […]

Clockwork Cornelius

Clockwork Cornelius Once upon along ago a small child by the name of Cornelius was born. I say born, but to me more exact, he was made. Cornelius’s father called him a Componentised Child. For the less exacting mind it meant he was made of many individual pieces rather than grown into a singular being. […]

The Line Between

The line between sanity and insanity was a tightrope I walked each day. One misplaced foot should’ve cast me from my desired route without heed for my current wellbeing, nor concern for thereafter. This, we shared. Revelations come but once in a lifetime for the greater populace; my own came daily. No sooner would I […]