50 Word Stories: The Flood

 It began as a trickling like rain on a summer’s night running down a window. Without noticeable change, the water gurgled and giggled as though a river building to the sea. When it roared through every sense, a bestial thing, a god, I knew the truth: the flood had come.


 She’s heard in every heartbeat, Seen in the depths of a mind’s eye, A constant portrait of unblemished perfection. Felt in the static that prickles the skin, She’s no illusion, but reality made intangible, A ghost so true as to tease corporeality. Though her presence is not required To be imagined, it is longed […]

50 Word Stories: Senseless

“So, you’re here for a sight test?” “Pardon.” “Ah, hearing test?” “Who said that?” “Both?” “Double cheeseburger please.” “This is an opticians, sir.” “I thought it was a florists?” “You’d smell the roses.” “Never have.” “Ah, now I see, you’re totally senseless?” “Not at these prices I’m not.”

Rosa (Finale)

I caught the scent of Chanel No 5. The familiar perfume wafted across the restaurant  Kissing my wine glass, Parting my senses with ease. She was there, beautiful, brunette, Eyes like moonbeams, lips of ruby grace. If ever a goddess had crossed my path, Shared the same room, Touched me, It was she. Such a […]


We swim, awash in the world’s perfume. The subtle scent of beckoning Spring fills olfactory organs with renewed hope that Winter’s stark essence passes. Daffodils and snowdrops await us, ferns and sweet smelling sap, treats where colour and creation collide. Soon, we shall bathe in a new beginning and the winds and snowstorms, the frost […]

The Shower

Showering with the window wide, rain a tumbling down outside, Sound so soothing, air so clear, uncaring if the neighbours near. This is freedom. This is bliss. This is nature’s sensual kiss. A perfect dusk for being alone, but thankful still this shower’s at home.