The Shade of Shadows

 We stand in the shadow of a concrete god A roaring, rampant, rumbling beast of vehicular worship Where people pass at speeds to fear contained By barriers of that selfsame indestructibility Yet beneath the behemoth, where its shadow Lightly tickles the chopping waters so filled with fish And walkers wonder at what occurs unseen […]

The Discarded (Micro-Fiction)

They left us behind like so many discarded rags. Not a word was said, no clue or conundrum to be solved, it was as if we’d never even existed. Our sun had set. The Winter came with snow and ice, a cold, cold fury. We huddled under the lone light of an iron lantern, a ragtag collection […]


   The sun was out and a gentle, cool breeze was blowing. The perfect excuse for a wander.  Most of the previous week, although dry, had been cloudy and it was a pleasant change to see blue sky. As per usual, we decided to head for a high point to get a nice view. So […]


Soothing strokes of promised spring,  They trace the wrinkles of my soul.  There is an awakening within / without-  And I sense something amazing to happen-  Something unfurling as an opening bud.  ‘Is this Spring,’ I ask the warming sun.  My smiling shadow nods yes.       

Secret Shadows

Do our shadows entwine Over distance and time Do they feel as we do From their flattened out view As the sun sets on one Other rising anon So in dusk and in dawn For a moment they’re born And though hands cannot clasp In those seconds they grasp At the lips that do kiss […]