The Wordkillers

We kill the cure Condemn the curse We shout and spit As though it fashion Is it! The words we use No smiles, all eyes And fingers pointing ‘That’s what they’re for’ Are they! A reckless adventure Inferno in waiting Made for decay Meant to delay Does it! Prefabricated values Shoved down throats Gagging, we […]

50 Word Stories: Shame

There was a moment when I looked in her eyes that I doubted; I’d never doubted before. They were wet those eyes of melted chocolate. In swirls of cocoa dreams, she sought to stall, and almost did. I left with my hat drawn down. It hid my shame, not hers.

Reasonless Worry

To stand amongst such opulence, As a stain before the rain, A humble man, humbled. There is a sense of false spotlight upon me Within the fractured colours  Of Stained glass memories, Beacons seeking sin. Am I to be judged not decadent enough Before the gold and ruby splendour; Cowed beneath domes and filagree?  I cannot […]


 Violent words push through the walls; The young couple next door are at war again. I listen to their incoherent ravings, As the news shows pictures of children in tears, Dust and grime applied as make-up. I have only one direction left to turn, And it is in the elderly couple, Neighbours from a time when it meant something, Who sit quietly in […]


No name, or voice, he rests in a doorway. Bereft of backstory, deprived of simply being, he sleeps, or tries.   He did not choose a life of vagrancy; vagrancy was thrust upon him.  How those who pass despise his squalor, when with just a smile they could help alleviate it.  Yes, he’s untiled, but […]


My breath: caught. My heart: paused. My world: suspended.  Time loses all meaning, my blood all momentum, as you look to me and wave. Your smile lights the distance between us with a radiance I have never felt. But it is your eyes, blue as the ocean, sparkling with an unblemished summer that capture me. The time between being […]

Almost Forgotten

 Rustling leaves Kiss the mistral wind, I hear it, The ghost of the sycamore  That stood sentry  Outside my apartment. Now, there is only concrete, And cars, And people, And the sounds  Of angry voices To fill the void It has left. I have almost forgotten it, I am ashamed to say.  (Image courtesy Michelle Marie)


 Not meant for the city; Not meant for the night, A chrysalis opened Beneath soft red light. Eyes that hoped for sunlight Briefly touched my own, But all that you could say Was the alley or your home. I said you deserved better; I said I’d see you right, But lonely little butterfly Was more moth in the night. I think of you in evenings 0f if you’ve […]