Retail Realities

It was everything the Ad men could’ve dreamed of, the perfect sale. The little boy flung aside the wrapping, bow, best wishes, and there stood the Millennium Falcon. Dad grimaced. Mum looked shocked. The boy ditched the spaceship and played with the box. It was just what he’d always wanted

Flashing Blue

 Christmas emergency  The blue tree flashes Bringing aid to the coffee swilling brigade Quietly accommodating a distant corner Where the clientele don’t sit A reminder that it is the simple things that bring the most joy I sit and watch it As the others moan and groan 

Black Friday, Black Friday

 Black Friday, Black Friday, A name that chimes doom, As the promise of sales Draws folks from the room. Saving a dollar Tears Thanksgiving apart,  And the child by the fire Feels the loss in its heart. Are we so commercial  As to look forward with glee To dates and reminders That split families? I think I’ll continue As though nothing’s occurred. The date in my diary’s Already […]