Cardinal Sin

It lay in the street like a puddle of blood. A soft liquid, downy, not right, I approached this small death with tentative steps. The blood shifted as if to pour away. Startled, I recoiled. Though detested by this fear of something so small, this unexpected disturbance, I regathered. My breaths steadied to a pulsing […]

Behind the Veil

 The veil did nothing to hide her allure. She peeped out from a four-by-one slash in the fabric of time and blotted out the universe with those eyes. When she blinked, my heart stopped. When those lashes of Egyptian rushes swept open, my heart leapt back into life. She controlled me without ever even […]

Is This Sin?

To be so in love. Is this joy? Is this pain? To feel eternal But only in name. To suffer confusion, Panic and doubt, Turn on a sixpence, This madness, I’m out. To never be certain, Emotions Of ice, Melting, dispersing, Is this the price? I’m full of confusions, Oh, what can it mean? Am […]


 Pleasures of the flesh A requirement of life Irresistible intoxicants  So sweet, so soft Yet prone to go off, decay If not handled with care Sell by dates expired We move on  Instead of planting seed, nuturing And loving again next year  (Image courtesy of MichaelO on

In The End

 In the curves of her skin In the sweat of her sin In the depths of her eyes In the breaths of her sighs In the beats of her heart In the tricks of her art In the thrall of her lust In the length of her thrust  In the lies that she told In the grave she doth mould  There is no escaping […]

Fire To Ice (A Monsoon Guilt)

It is the hottest of days, muggy, unforgiving Net curtains shimmy in the draught from a monsoon wind Every window open, all as though haunted by ghosts I stand on the balcony and watch the clouds rolling in They will yield a years rain in mere days I would stand and have them cleanse my […]