A Mental Awareness Moment This inexorable calm stirs my soul. This lasting moment becalms my mind. I have struggled, but at last I am free. These rare moments of tranquility punctuate the otherwise haste of life like potholes in a street. We may steer around them, leap even, but if one is to pass straight […]

Ignoble, They Won

They were not the remainder, But the remained. They were not an illustrious past, But an ignoble future. The loud and the slovenly, Those who hid, Relics of a world made mad: The lunatics inherited it all. Whilst those who tried: The thinkers, the generous, The less gregarious smiles at open doors; The welcoming quiet, […]

Little Mouse

´┐╝ She hid behind the trash cans like a nervous mouse, the steel rattling with her fear. A pair of blue eyes in a world of darkness, the child cowered so far back into the night, I thought her a hermit crab with refuse for a shell. "I'm here to help," I said softly. The […]

The Problem with Willard

There wasn’t one particular issue with Willard. That would have been much too easy to sort. Neither was there lots of individual issues. That too would have oversimplified the situation. No, much as it pains me to admit it, him being my brother and all, but Willard himself was the problem. Where most spoke, Willard […]

The Colony

The Colony The colony comprised of misfits and misgivings. I wish I could say better, but it did. Not one person trusted another nor wanted to. Every window remained closed even on the hottest days, every door padlocked and chained. I hated it with a passion. Everybody hated it with a passion. A couple of […]

When Two Are One

When Two Are One Regardless of the provocation, I resisted. Although my fists balled so tight that I thought my fingernails to burst out of the back of my hand in sprays of crimson, I bit back the pain and sought the meditative calm of Zen. But, as always, my temper was not mine to […]

50 Word Stories: Time To Think

Drivers race up and down the street as though late for their own funerals. Carry on and they won't be. The world's in such a rush. Everybody's doing nothing quickly. I watch from the rocking chair my grandfather made when people did instead of didn't, sip tea and consider things.