Chinese Lanterns

Souls ascending In meandering passage Up, Up, Up, Towards a sparkling nowhere; Everywhere; Here and there. Oh, to drift without a care, Firefly moments Extended through space, Look down Upon the jigsaw of life And finally realise What fits. Then float away In peace.

All is Lost

 Deep, those wells Of souls, they say. But there is hope, Isn’t there? An angel bathes where Waters, still, Light shimmering  Where there is no light. I fear consumption; Step back and breathe, But it is too late; I am too late. What was sheen  And glass And conducive  Now tempest turning, Spinning, churning. There is no return to such realms, As diluted pupils widen, And suck all into darkness. I am […]


IT bleeds But there should be no blood from root and bark? IT hurts I hear the cries of strangled vines and whipping leaves IT strives For something, for anything, the comforts of another lost soul IT rages In an agony of discontent and bleeding berries IT For I no not what else to call […]

Goodnight Sighs

Lay back Chill out Relax Recount As dusk Descends Day at Its end The wine The girl The light Her curls Perfect Embrace Forget Rat race And life Does sigh Goodnight Goodbye

Endless Liaison

 We trace the lines of the soul With casual eye; Confirm with touch; Sample with taste; Restore to memory, Then do so again. It is an endless liaison, An eternal voyage, An infinite joy, And forever shall be.          

My Sanctuary

Don’t close your eyes Don’t go to sleep My heart might break This love’s too deep  Don’t question this Don’t ever, please For with your love My soul, you ease  Don’t ever leave Don’t turn from me My darling, you My sanctuary      

Secret Shadows

Do our shadows entwine Over distance and time Do they feel as we do From their flattened out view As the sun sets on one Other rising anon So in dusk and in dawn For a moment they’re born And though hands cannot clasp In those seconds they grasp At the lips that do kiss […]


 The only sound I wish to hear, The one disruption to this perfect darkness, The beat of your heart and to know you there. There is no greater comfort in a winter’s night, No greater succour to a disparate soul, Than the simplicity of love’s rhythm.    

Touching the Tip of Heaven

 He touched the tip of heaven Silver lined, and sparkling, As she, in turn, his angel Reached down, questing. One all too human, The other all too not, Yet somewhere Where the lines between  Bliss and belonging entwined They touched. It was momentary A fraction of a heartbeat But for they it would last an eternity, They should seek each other  Throughout it.  (Image, title and inspiration Michelle […]