Beneath infinity’s sheets
 We shelter
 We sleep
 Beneath eternity’s veils
 We wander
 We keep
 Beneath celestial shores
 We imprint
 We drift
 Beneath obsidian skies
 We value
 We sift
 Beneath illusory gates
 We gather
 We gaze
 Beneath imaginary eyes
 We value
 Our prize
 Or should…


 We sow the seeds celestial
 Like petals in the breeze,
 Instead of crossing oceans
 They sail obsidian seas.
 Souls await departure
 To berth amongst the stars,
 To dream the universal
 Where eternity is ours.
 In infinite obsession,
 Our minds shall witness all
 Right back to the beginning
 Celestial, and newborn.

Multiversal Currents

 There is a river
 Between worlds,
 Through the lapses
 In between time.
 Space is its home,
 Or the space
 Between space,
 I hope to see it
 One day,
 Out sparkling worlds.
 I wish to travel it
 In a boat
 Made from dreams.
 I’ll dip in my hands
 In the multiverse
 And flick its essence
 On you.
 Then, perhaps,
 You’ll travel it too.
 Perhaps not,
 But I should like
 To try.