Spiderling No More

Spiderling No More It shifted around the tabletop like a mote of dark dust caught in the draught of two open doors. An atom of charcoal, the little creature jigged its way between mine and my brothers’ fingers unaware of the giants we were. “It’s an ant,” said Jonny. “No it’s not, you idiot, it’s […]

November 2nd

There is a cold, fog settled over the landscape. The grey obscures the Summer gone and softens the introduction of unseen snows. Yet, despite the poor visibility, the fallen curtain reveals the impossible: millions of cobwebs. The spiders have been busy during the night with their trampolines and sports nets. If not for the November […]

These Worlds

Suspended in time Held in place Invisible thread Reflected face Hundreds of droplets Each a world Draped all about Life unfurled Created by spiders Or by God I’m unsure which These worlds are odd Sparkling glints In moments born A million more Upon my lawn Watched intently Until they fade A beauteous morning These worlds […]

The Spider (Horrific & True Tales)

I took this photo myself. I apologise that I daren’t get any closer.    We have a spider That’s ever so large She hangs from our window The size of a barge I wander up to her And peer through the glass But all I can see  Is her gigantic ass She’s covered in blood […]