Exempt It was not that I was exempt from fear. No, it was not this at all. Neither was it that fear had such a hold as to addle my mind, to disturb and disrupt. Not one bit. I had faced my fears and throttled them. Now, as I stood before the Devil, it was […]

Never Back Down

Positivity flows between us like electric eels swimming upstream through unctuous sweat: electric, and hard earned. We blast away the toil in excessive bursts never before seen or expected. Loud is our keyword. Youth is our slogan. We wink and nod and laugh and scream. We’re ready. Bring it on. Turn up the music and […]

50 Word Stories: In Rubble Found

They sought to break us, hurt, strike deep. Yet we found something in the wreckage of so many broken hearts, strewn rubble and buildings lost, a determination and unity that till then we’d lost. That rubble made us, not broke us, wherever in the world we watched the towers fall.  Never Forget


 Memories form at the end of cold fingers, Skin on skin, but not the same. Where eyes once looked up defiant at heaven, Below in retrospect, they now creep. This is not how it was supposed to be. This is not what he promised. Being touched on the skin is as nothing To being […]

50 Word Stories: Revolution

 We'd taken the pain, the heartache, and secured them in vaults so dark they'd never discover them. We waited. Like minnows in a reeded stream, we hid in life's shallows our emotional unrest simmering. When we unleashed our hurt, they capitulated. We had purpose, whilst they were only ever bullies.

Dripping Away

 A dripping faucet marks the seconds in accumulating mercury pools, slatted silver flashing through Venetian blinds to stripe those huddling globules in divisions of time; they won’t be divided, won’t be categorised for convenience. Every dashing, steel behemoth shakes this pool, every footfall of every thing sends shivers, judders of reality from this grouped […]

Never Look Back

 Tears on the table Pooled on the floor Droplets of the past Made meaningful The only things left The only things spared From a determined glare A chin set Mind made The bag pre-packed So very long ago Reached for Unlock the door It’s hard The key cold in hand Fresh air Makes the […]

The Fear I Know

Author’s Note: This is my latest post on Medium. I hope you enjoy it and the message it’s supposed to convey.  Fear, an understated word. A topic for discussion when the nights are dark and the Small Ones still wait beneath the bed, fear manifests with relentless persistence. They’re here. I know, but they […]