Breathe, just breathe Inhale the silence The loss, the shame Take it in Suck it up Feel the chill The ghosts of others Circulating in red hate To every corner Every dark recess Visitations visiting Spectres of the stale They can't break you Won't, didn't, Draw them close Closer Closer still And just when they […]

The Brave

She edged across the room like a herring through a shoal of tuna a slow, nervous approach. Her eyes widened each time someone looked her way, her breaths laboured and shallow, footsteps pitter-pattering across the tiled dance floor. She never once took her eyes off me and that’s why I waited even though it seemed […]

50 Word Stories: The Determined

“This is not the life I would wish for my child.” Yet if not for her perseverance with such a life, her cold hard refusal to submit, then her child would not have had a life. Such are the dilemmas of the street, where life is hard and lives harder.

50 Word Stories: Legend

He wasn’t a large man by any means, less than average if truth be known. Neither did he carry the bearing of a King, nor even a well-drilled soldier. No, all he had were his eyes, and that glint of steel. He needed nothing else, just us to follow.

The Hurting 

I’m hurting An immeasurable pain A stinging sensation Prickling of mind Eyes red raw and running Yes, I’m hurting For you Like the tide cut off from the sea Retreating endlessly Never quite whole Never quite right Yes, I’m hurting For you But not as much as before

Reversed Hauntings

To be haunted Without a haunting No sheets No ghosts Just pain A collection of feelings Made spikes Driven deep Too deep Right behind the eyes They poke and pry Corkscrew and twirl Antagonising With languid ease But they shan’t win For the dark is mine The ebon eve Shall soothe them away And in […]

The Dream Takers

When the dust settles, The seeds of another’s wind Gathered upon furrowed brows, We shall have won. It may not taste like victory, Sound like victory, Nor even feel it, But we shall. We shall stand alone, yet united, Gazing out across the ruined fields Of once dreams and hopes, With plans and belief: Rebuild, […]