Dripping Away

 A dripping faucet marks the seconds in accumulating mercury pools, slatted silver flashing through Venetian blinds to stripe those huddling globules in divisions of time; they won’t be divided, won’t be categorised for convenience. Every dashing, steel behemoth shakes this pool, every footfall of every thing sends shivers, judders of reality from this grouped […]

50 Word Stories: Treading Water

I'm treading water. I don't feel it or think it, but know it. The slap of life's rippling waves tickles my toes; it doesn't make me laugh. Balancing, that's me, bobbing up and down on tiptoes as the tide draws me away. Keep watching the horizon because I’m not returning.


In pools of life and love and words, we congregated, People lost and found and lost again, swimming Uphill – were those the words – swimming uphill, But we were and we did and we do and we could Because we had to, as the waters washed by. And all we could do was dream […]

A Temporary Truce

I fear this sanity, This temporary truce, For the dark pulses, I feel its gravity. The gap between closes, A steadying hand falls, Reality shatters In bursts of obsidian; They cut me, Cut me deep. I bleed in midnight And shatter in still. Unsettled, I wait. I fear this sanity.


Ba-dum, Ba-dum, Ba-dum An incessant drumbeat Struck on hollowed skin Measuring moments Cataloging a life Ba-dum, Ba-dum, Ba-dum Remorseless it drives This unfulfilled shell A clock wound tight Ba-dum, Ba-dum, Ba-dum Dilemmas of the over stimulated Or is it under Closed eyes gathering night Heartbeat or headache? Ba-dum, Ba-dum, ba-d….. Heart

The Fall

The longest breath Will it never exhale This tumbling life A leap on a whim Patchwork perforations Suffer the distance Only a grounding awaits Still, so far Distraction required Eyes locked on the horizon Eternity in a view What a way to go Exhale over


Crinkled ground Sheafed in swaddling ice So cold, so cold Looks dead, feels dead Shivering to night Hiding from day Yet persistence pays Patience and time Life is purposeless Without struggle So chooses No, insists upon Making hard work  For buried seeds Buried, nuzzled Waiting for the day When once again They’re sunburnt

50 Word Stories: The Peninsula Man

Isolated, life lapping on two sides, he thrusts out into turbulent tides. Seabirds squabble with their land cousins, as do the fish beneath the waves. It is a noisy, chaotic place no longer a sanctuary of calm. Such is life on the peninsula. Such is life for a peninsula.

Cement Shoes

And the weight pulls As the sea roils And I splutter Struggle for breath Cough Drink Spit But fight Fight hard Though it’s inexorable Dragging at my ankles Tugging at my toes And I dip And I dive And I curse These cement shoes As above They watch  Me drown