Lost November Evenings

Lost November Evenings An abundance of daylight stole our nights. Fireside flickerings fell away like fireflies in the sun. The glimmering moon became less than a luxurious, ocean pearl and more of an ofttimes limpet attached to the sky. The evenings were less subtle for its diminishment. Summertime madness had spread too much for my […]

Citrine Dreams

The day still held a sharp residue of summer, a citric tang. Memories of those early years picking lemons off the trees, how it felt like holding the sun, sneaking bites then wrinkling our faces, a flood of yellows past washed over me like an August storm. They were hot those yesterdays, so very hot. […]

Summer Dreams

Gazing out at summer scenes Where flowers bloom and birds are seen Does lighten hearts, souls set free I think thats how it’s meant to be As cloud will float across the sky Without a care for you or I But that is not the space I view For every cloud reminds of you Your […]