Cometh the Rain (Part 2)

I had thought nobody capable of such a relentless barrage of inspiration. He cajoled and reaffirmed, appraised and approved, all us little people grateful for his attentions. In time, we came to demand his praise as if he was some minor deity on an undeniable upward curve to God, who in his so doing would […]

Cometh the Rain (Part 1)

The sun hung like a golden bauble decorating a cerulean sky. Basking in the pleasures of its gleaming self, the celestial body shone and shone and shone regardless of our wishes, as if predicting what we below desired rather than asking the question. A constant Christmas, our personal star, our gift, blazed above with the […]


Blood There is blood in the air and fear on the streets, the city reeks of it. I bathe in this feral disruption like all predators must; it does no good to show fear in the face of the enemy. Society pools about me in terror and tainted thoughts, I smile politely at each in […]

Citrine Dreams

The day still held a sharp residue of summer, a citric tang. Memories of those early years picking lemons off the trees, how it felt like holding the sun, sneaking bites then wrinkling our faces, a flood of yellows past washed over me like an August storm. They were hot those yesterdays, so very hot. […]

The Shade of Shadows

 We stand in the shadow of a concrete god A roaring, rampant, rumbling beast of vehicular worship Where people pass at speeds to fear contained By barriers of that selfsame indestructibility Yet beneath the behemoth, where its shadow Lightly tickles the chopping waters so filled with fish And walkers wonder at what occurs unseen […]

50 Word Stories: The Pause

 Flowers everywhere peeled back their petals to welcome the sun. Duly, that life giver obliged like a lemon bringing zest to the hillside. I watched it all whilst eating a sandwich, my trekking having started well before dawn. Yes, the summit was close, but sometimes you just had to pause.

50 Word Stories: Supernova

 A maroon moon hung over the valley like some titan's amulet. The thing flickered, pulsed and flared against the stars. Flared! I wiped my glasses. Burgundy flames leapt from its surface in a cosmic waltz. Flames! We'd done it. We'd killed the sun. I wept as the universe turned red.