In the summer wind

We hear every leaf rustling

It must be Sunday 

Of Rats and Monkeys

I've just spent most of a nice long walk to the coffee shop this beautiful Sunday morning explaining my theory of why I believe my wife a monkey. As you can imagine, she was enthralled. From the Darwinian explanation of the opposable thumb, hers always getting caught in my trouser pocket when we hold hands, (this wouldn't happen if I held hands with a tiger or an elephant) to the Planet of the Apes noises she makes when sleeping. The similarities are remarkable and irrefutable. Unfortunately for me, evolution has trumped the male of the species (that's me) because she's got the coffee money. I'm beginning to wish my theory was wrong, but I've already written the scientific papers as proven by this. Looks like I'm going to be drinking from the drainage ditch again. I wonder if this makes me a rat?

Man 1 – Cows 0

I took this picture this morning whilst avoiding the many cowpats that proliferated across the meadow. The cows had been extra sneaky by utilising the cover provided by extra long grass, (we’d had a lot of rain) and lack of marked pathways. They knew I’d be coming along to gaze at the Sunday sky and laid, or part-set, I’m unsure of the correct term, their secret, smelly traps. Fortunately, I outsmarted them. 

You see, unlike the cows that wander the meadow willy-nilly unaware of the natural beauty around and above them, I am, and treasure it. As such, I concocted a brilliant plan: stand in a safe zone and just look up, the clouds would come to me. They did. And although my bovine nemeses mooed their anger and showed their general displeasure in other less subtle ways, I managed to see a beautifully textured morning sky, whilst they only got to see me. Man 1 – Cows 0. Unless that’s what they wanted all along? Hmm.

Water’s Edge (A Sunday View)

Today was a bad day before I'd even finished my coffee, (that's not good). So, after a run not clearing my brain, the next best thing was a walk to the river.
In truth, where I live the river is more estuary than actual waterway. Over a mile wide, the Humber is at its best on a clear, sunny day where the wind remains strong. The results are pictures like the one above.
The wonderful Neil Gaiman wrote about 'The Ocean at the End of the Lane', a great book by the way. This is my real life version ' the estuary at the end of the path'. It's not quite as magical but it does the trick.
Sometimes all you need to remind yourself of the important things is a view. I'd like a few more mountains, but beggars can't be choosers.

I hope your own weekends contains some magical sights too.

Richard M. Ankers
Author of The Eternals Series
The Eternals
Hunter Hunted
Into Eternity (Very Soon!)

Ah, Sunday!

Sunday stands apart.
 A day to rest and dream,
 Place for thought and reflection:
 Clouds drift in languorous ease
 The wind wafting them farewell;
 Flowers bow petaled heads
 In reverance to a sleepy sun,
 And even the starlings chatter quietly;
 The usual hurly burly subsides,
 Aggregations put on hold
 And all
 And everyone
 Breathes deep.
 Ah, Sunday!

Sunday & The Street

 It’s raining out the window
 But I’m sat in the heat
 The sound of coffee brewing
 Feeling so replete
 The water it is washing
 Across the streets in sheets
 But I don’t care a bit
 Sat in my leather seat
 Though soon I’ll have to go
 My drink it does deplete
 And then the pouring rain
 Will lap about my feet
 Perhaps I’ll have another
 And wait for sun to greet
 The beauty of a Sunday
 Relaxing and complete