50 Word Stories: These Golden Dawns

50 Word Stories: These Golden Dawns Something about a winter sunrise stirred my soul, coated it in liquid gold, a protective cocoon that only angels enjoyed. Everyone got the summer dawns but not the winter. Timing was everything. Solitude essential. One had to just get up and relish them. And I have. And I will […]

The End of Everything

…and the sky burned in wisps of fire, gnashing at the blue and chomping at the birds. A great mass of roiling, tangerine madness, Heaven seemed that bit further away trapped behind the fires of an aerial Hell. Everything was temporary chaos, everything was not usual. The few people awake fled in panic clanking milk […]


When the dark days come Those maudlin moments Where mists become thick Those sections of shadow That slip over all In blanketed obsidian Remember one thing Just one That the gold gleams brightest When it shines through the dawn As night disperses And fire makes flame And the universe cries Begone!

50 Word Stories: Dreaming Awake

A glimmer of promise in the pitch-black sky, morning broke the shackles of night. I watched from the hillside insomnia having driven me and my dog to predawn walking. As golden light filtered through myriad cobwebs, molten dewdrops glistening, I smiled. The sleepless hours had never felt so good.

Dewdrop Dawns

   The morning comes in diamonds As flecks of morning dew That sparkle, shine and twinkle, Distorting dawning view. A million, trillion grass blades All burning with the day, I think I’ll come tomorrow And pray this way to stay.

Closed Eyes Seeing

 Tucked between the middle of memory and a dream  A new dawn unravels to a chorus of birdsong  I hear it and see it, although my eyes are closed   Some things are just too good to miss  (Image courtesy MichelleMarie)