A Sunrise Shared

 To be a tree and look down on  The sun ablaze in saffron   To watch it rise through silhouettes  And every morn gets better yet  To feel the heat on wooded bark  And share it with the tiny lark  Oh, what a wondrous thing to see  And just today it’s shared with me  

Not Today

 I sit and watch the world turn light, as moon departs and with it night, A balance of celestial grace set in the sky for every race.  As lips of peach transcend to gold the dance returning as foretold, and with it hopes for this bright day, I smile to sky: I think I’ll stay.   (Beautiful image courtesy MichelleMarie)


 There is no brushstroke like that of Heaven’s   Where light and innocence collide to burnish a new day  Only a TRUE love of all can do so infinitely   In the hope that maybe, just once, we will look up


What price sunrise O’er burning sea Naught between the Angels and me In liquid gold So melts the surf As burning horses Meet the earth And watching on In molten awe My humble mind Can see no flaw For if this was My final sight Then I’d die proud In heaven’s light (Image courtesy Kick-Artist […]

Another Dawn

Whenever I think about the dawn Great beauty is never far from my mind For without the subtle shades of hello There would not follow the brash midday Nor the solemn sunset Without the pastel pigments of the morning There would not follow the restful dark of night I often try to catch the dawn […]