Cometh the Rain

 Wherever Kira went, it rained. Not an unusual occurrence one might have claimed. In the context of her deluges, however, it was. No matter where Kira stood, either inside or out, the heaven’s opened and poured. They didn’t pour on her neighbours, nor her little chihuahua, just her. This strange situation lasted for five […]

One More Bite

Where the woods run red with plasmic sap And the howls are many, not few And the light’s tinged grey all times of day And the nights a bitter, dark blue That’s where they hunt, or so I have heard The hordes of the Nosferatu Sneaking upon the living and lost In particular children like […]

In Words

Never say But imply Never tell Why they cry Let each tale Spin and weave Don’t use words To deceive Every pause A new breath Every line A near death Give each speech Real zest And your work Will be best

Words of Life

  A letter on a page; comparable to a breath, a moment in time. One lonely word; a solitary day, But, put a few together and a sentence makes a week. A paragraph; a month gone by,  A first page; maybe two? Yet write for love and years will fall by Uncounted, words unraveling like string. Time becomes a memory written on […]


From the fiercest tempest on a hollow moon My mind has travelled and returned too soon From riding dragons o’er vermillion seas To chasing nymphs up crystal trees In a maelstrom dream these things exist And if I listened to most I would desist But I think it a shame if this went to waste […]