Never Look Back

 Tears on the table Pooled on the floor Droplets of the past Made meaningful The only things left The only things spared From a determined glare A chin set Mind made The bag pre-packed So very long ago Reached for Unlock the door It’s hard The key cold in hand Fresh air Makes the […]

Crystal (A Short Fairytale)

Crystal (A Short Fairytale) I was no hero, no great warrior built to crush skulls with one hand whilst drinking flagons of ale with the other. I was a nobody, but somebody had to save her and everyone else was dead. The heroes had entered the castle with flashing swords and raucous battle cries. Not […]

The Aquifer

The Aquifer My home, and more precisely, the rear window that encompassed a third of my writing studio, looked out upon a wall of rock. Most people would’ve found it a tedious view at best. This was not the case with me. I enjoyed nothing better than to sit tapping away upon my keyboard whilst […]


This The world shimmers, glistens in dazzling monochrome; the way to peace is paved in grey. A woodpecker breaks the still, tip-tap, tip-tap, tip-tap, or a keyboard, or my heart. Where others point and look, I slink into the shadow of a shadow, hide behind a dream and weep. This is it. This is it. […]

The Weeping Hours

In the mellow hours, she wept, That time of velvet night. I heard her from my window; Restless, I paced a dream, And thought it an angel, or faerie, or queen. Lightless, I sought her, Stole upon her tears, But the witching hour concealed her, Her sadness unrevealed. I’d wake for years and hear her, […]