The Carnival La Morte

We were the last. When others departed, as day shed its light, we remained. In spiralling circles of lessening sun, we took in the change, the transgression from dusk to night. We didn’t care. The world might have been travelling in reverse; we only had eyes for each other. Just two twinned souls riding the […]

50 Word Stories: Memories of 9/11

When 9/11 struck, I was abroad. Home seemed a long way away at that moment. But I shall always remember getting on the return flight and thinking ’stuff ’em, they aren’t stopping me.’ The rest of the world said the same. The terrorists failed and always will.

In The Night

  I heard a shallow, wheezing breath  It scared me nearly half to death!  The squinting moon did shelter sight;  The switch, I dared not reach for light.  So cowered beneath shaking sheet,  I worried so with no relief.  As panting sounds grew closer still,  I wished myself by windowsill,  So to escape tormentor’s groans,  But frozen stiff I stalled alone.  Then cover to my bed […]

Scared Straight

From the wonderful words of Michelle Marie.    I looked at it; It looked straight back. I felt as though, I was under attack. If it was the day I’d have been alright, But unfortunately  It was the night. The moon was up, The stars all out, When noise it came And made me shout. So, I leapt on a chair As the door did creak, And a furry […]


 You think you’re safe beneath the sheets, Your bed a comfort for soul replete. But wrong you are, my cocky friend, For demons wait round hallway bend. Mired in cruelty, biding time, They seek to strike at flip of dime. Remember this and you’ll fare well, But disrespect will earn you Hell. So justly warned you’ve been from me, A soul who’s seen catastrophe. As […]

Hansel and Gretel, with Veg (Twisted Fairytales)

  You’d think them lost in the wood, But Hansel and Gretel were misunderstood. Nasty little children were they, Not wanting to sing and play. Instead, they pried on oldest folk, Lured them in whilst high on coke. Their aim to rob, then go to pub; They’d even steal the old folks grub! But bittern off one too many, As into granny’s home that looked […]


Oh, crimson spectre of hate I will not succumb to your nightmares I am stronger now No bloodshot eye, no taloned grip No nightly evil shall attack me Unravel before one who knows you Disseminate into the evil whence you came For you are not welcome I do not need you to hunt me in […]


It drifted across the marsh lighter than air, Yet with a physicality more terrifying than anything tangible. A harsh wind blew the grasses counter to the swirling rags that was the apparition’s mantle. Purest white like newly fallen snow, a pale visage, it hunted, searched for prey. Had it seen me crouched behind the twisted, […]