Relaxation and the Writer

Plus a 2016 Round-up

I cannot relax. No matter how hard I try it just makes it worse. There are only two things that help, one of which is the actual process of writing — I put the headphones on and am lost to my own little world — it never fails, the other is running.
When I resigned my job to become a better, happier me and do my best in the world of literature, I made the decision to also run every day. I did not want to lose my fitness whilst sitting about as it would have been counterproductive to the whole reason for making the sacrifice I did. In my old life, I was very active, too active. I did everything myself and would never have others do more than me. Running had a lot to do to fill this void. The good news is it has.
I get a lot of enjoyment out of running early each day before other people are up, watching the dawn etcetera, stopping off for a coffee, where I answer my social posts, then running home. It provides a routine — I like routine — and helps clear the headaches I suffer with.
When my wife gave me her old fitness tracker I never expected to make use of it, but have. Just lately it informed me that I’d run the length of Japan since first wearing it, and today that has improved to India. Wow!

I don’t know where my writing or running will take me next, I’m not sure I want to know. One thing is for certain, though, if 2017 and all the years that follow provide me with the same surprises 2016 has, I’ll be happy, and that’s all that really matters.

Role Call
1: Two Books Published
2: Fifteenth overall in the ReadFreely 2016 Poll of Best Indie Books
3: Numerous short articles published
4: Nominated for the Golden Book award for 2017 (PS if you want to vote, I’m in the fantasy category: here is the link Golden Book Awards. Just scroll down to the fantasy category, click next to The Eternals and vote. Thank you in advance.
5: Met loads of great folks here.

Thank you for reading
Richard M. Ankers author of The Eternals Series.

Book 1: The Eternals
Book 2: Hunter Hunted
Book 3: Into Eternity (Soon)





What could possibly draw Richard out of his very private world and get him to post a picture of himself on Social Media — for only the second time ever, I’ll add? Answer: Friendship. PS That’s my writing chair, in my writing corner, and I even have my laptop on my knee, although I cropped it out. I was going to photoshop myself to look three stone heavier and a foot taller but didn’t know how.

As some of you know, I really did give up everything when I chose to leave my job to write full time. A consequence of this was that I’ve had, and still do have, to be very careful with what cash I don’t have. However, I have been setting aside money from submitted works to a small stash to buy books and ebooks from my fellow authors. I purchased my first paid book from Amazon a week or two ago by my very dear friend Candice Daquin, aka the featheredsleep on WordPress. It gave me great pleasure to hold her book in my hand and post a picture of it on my Facebook Author Blog.

Candice was delighted that I had, as she knew how hard it was for me to do so in my current situation. So, in her always unselfish way, she sent me at her own expense the following two books in the series, (held in the photo above) by post. This was one of the nicest things anyone has ever done for me. She does not know that I have or was going to write this as a result. I hope it’s a nice surprise

So why do so, some shout? Friendship, that’s why. I am not a money orientated person as many of you know. I am genuinely as happy with a new book as I would be in being given a car, house or holiday. In typical Yorkshire fashion, I like what I like and care little for the rest. In effect, Candice has just bought me two new houses. If everyone was so kind and thoughtful, the world would be a much better place.

I for one am more grateful for such friendships than I would be for all the money in the world. To top it all off, Candice’s poetry is priceless, truly exquisite. She is a gifted writer in a way I will never be. I do try, though.

Don’t ever forget that no matter how hard things seem, you are never alone.


Authors: The Eternals Trilogy / Book two available very soon.

The Art of Writing (A Very Personal Post)

Why do you write so much? How do you write so much? Questions I’ve been asked many times. In answer, here’s why.

When I first started writing in a format to share with others it was with a novella titled Sea Spray and Stars. I wrote this story from start to finish and was very pleased with myself, although terrified of what people might think. If I looked at it now, I’d probably cringe, but it served its purpose: people liked it and that gave me confidence, something I still lack. Next came The Snow Lily, a novel. Even more people liked this, and that made me very happy. The Snow Lily was full length and taught me a lot about writing to please other people, to have them accept me as a capable writer (I think that’s the best way to put it). Then came the game-changer: I had to wait for a HarperCollins review. So I wrote to fill the time, not for others, but for me, the fantasy I’d always loved.

The Eternals wrote themselves, three novels from start to finish, with several others and many, many short stories in between. Oh, and this blog, (almost forgot that).

Not content with what I’d written, I went back over everything…again and again and again. But what had first been a chore, namely editing, became less so. I saw things, small details, repeated words, repeated words, (sorry, I couldn’t help that), things that could be improved, polished, perfected. I tried to extinguish adverbs, the ’ly’ ending words and passive voice. Writing programs helped with this and I tried to learn from them — I’m not a good learner, I like to see not be told. And so it went on. When I gave up my job and financial security to write full time, I did just that, I wrote non-stop. Still do.

The long and the short of this ramble, my reason for explaining, is to hopefully sum it up in a way that will help others — I know there are many of you because you have said as much — and it’s this: with every word of every poem, prose and longer, I got, and still get better. The checking and double checking is not a hardship because I love it. In fact, it’s a delight. I want to get better, to strive, to perfect and to be happy with my own work because there’s no bigger critic than myself. I don’t care what anyone says, how I’m judged, or scorned, which happened a lot on the writing site, as for the first time in forty-or-so years, I feel good at something. I’m making myself good at something. You can too.

Write. Learn. Write some more. Free the thoughts within your minds and don’t care what anyone else thinks or you’ll hold back. Most important of all: want to. I do, and that’s why I write so much. So there you go.

Last of all, I just wanted to say a big thank you to those who have, do, and will in the future read my work, especially my books because there’s lots more to come. People don’t say thank you enough these days and I won’t fall into that trap.


The Eternals by Richard M. Ankers.

Amazon (US)

Amazon (UK)

And coming in the not too distant future, HUNTER HUNTED: The Eternals Book Two:


Soumya: The Brave One

The lovely Soumya wrote a post thanking me for giving her the courage to choose writing and literature for a career. I was very touched by it. 

I had no choice in my own decision, at least in my eyes, and life was passing fast; Soumya had choices and is far braver than I ever was. Wish her luck if you can. 

She heard the voices, the advice, the wailing warnings gathered to crescendo and considered her future. How could someone so young be expected to know what to do, the first decision the hardest. Yet despite it all she listened to the loudest, herself. To follow your heart takes courage more than most could ever know. So I shout, not say, “Good luck Soumya and may writing forever bring you happiness!”

Blessed Dawn

 I wake to the scent of an angel;
 The sweat upon your nape,
 It trickles down the curvature
 Of your most exquisite form
 Pooling at the depths of your spine,
 And I thank The Lord for blessed heat.
 The opportunity to watch you wake,
 Stirring those molecules of you
 As your life’s essence
 Glints in a myriad new dawns.
 How could such as I be gifted
 With the fortunes of your form,
 And not be moved by it?
 But, unlike others would conceal,
 My first words of each new day
 Are to tell you so, and thank you,
 As is yours to illuminate my heart
 With the opening of your eyes.

 (Image courtesy of Anathematixs on