Friendship What could possibly draw Richard out of his very private world and get him to post a picture of himself on Social Media — for only the second time ever, I’ll add? Answer: Friendship. PS That’s my writing chair, in my writing corner, and I even have my laptop on my knee, although I […]

The Art of Writing (A Very Personal Post)

Why do you write so much? How do you write so much? Questions I’ve been asked many times. In answer, here’s why. When I first started writing in a format to share with others it was with a novella titled Sea Spray and Stars. I wrote this story from start to finish and was very […]

Soumya: The Brave One

The lovely Soumya wrote a post thanking me for giving her the courage to choose writing and literature for a career. I was very touched by it.  I had no choice in my own decision, at least in my eyes, and life was passing fast; Soumya had choices and is far braver than I ever […]


   I woke today to cobbled sky  And went for stroll with HE on high  Through emerald fields down to the sea  Where kicked up golden sands did we  Along the lapping, frothing surf  The liquid gift that kisses Earth  And realised this single story  How grateful I for all HIS glory 

An Easter Road

Tis a long and lonely road we tread  With twists and turns unseen,  Through fog, and rain, and ice;  Through storm, and snow, and life.  But I do not walk it alone  And for that, I thank you.   

Blessed Dawn

  I wake to the scent of an angel; The sweat upon your nape, It trickles down the curvature Of your most exquisite form Pooling at the depths of your spine, And I thank The Lord for blessed heat. The opportunity to watch you wake, Stirring those molecules of you As your life’s essence Glints in a myriad new dawns. How could such as I be […]