This Scream Called Us (Rated 15)

They say a scream is a scream is a scream. Hurt is hurt. Pain is pain. That both subside with every unfulfilled second. They say many things. But what do they know? What do they really know? The mind is a curious container, delicate even. If the mind were glass, one might shatter it with […]


 He was unknown to us that night. A tall, dark figure framed by the lightning of an uncommon storm, the stranger tipped his hat, grinned, and then ordered a beer. He drank this with the eyes of the town upon him, wiped his mouth, nodded, then left. "Bye," I said, out of nerves more […]

50 Word Stories: Just Hanging

 Motionless, we hung from the balcony rail not daring to move. A dare gone wrong, prank gone bad, the ground looked distant from the wrong side of the rails. What scared me most, though, was Sarah’s eyes. Wide and wild, all they said was jump. My fingers twitched. She smiled.


The shackles are empty, the chains lain strewn across the floor. The room is devoid of even Its memory. Where? Where has It gone?  Moonlight filters through the barred window to glitter on the drifting dust mites: the air is stirred but not by you. The room stifles and you gasp; the twilight swallows the […]

Memory Lane

In an effort to relax and calm my mind before I hit the sack, I thought I’d listen to some music. On went the headphones and I perused my music stash. I decided on Michael Jackson’s Thriller album.   As I boy I used to listen to Thriller on vinyl and remember that the best […]