Captured (Jorio Poem)

 Dead, deceased, immobile trunk,
 A field’s demarcation, boundary;
 Yet, somehow, your ghost
 Has captured the sun.


** Beneath **

Loose soil and rock displaced by time
Reveals the strength of one who spans the ages.
Below the sight of men lies your true self,
Medusa like roots your security and provider.
Mineral, water and sun your silent cravings but
Only the creaking of bowers an indication of growth.
Yet in the variegated leaves that shroud you
Stands proof of the passing seasons.
Once majestic, now a shadow of your former self,
You sit upon the precipice clinging to life.
Come torrent or hurricane you shall not relinquish,
Nor ask for sympathy from the elements.
And in me you have found an ally, my friend.
For I too cling to life, but with less to show for it.
Your character offers me the promise of hope
That what lies beneath is worth cherishing.

Tears From A Tree

Leaves stir in their slumber
At the faintest memory of a breeze
It is though a ghost has kissed my cheek
I shiver at its touch
The leaves rustle their agreement
Gnarled bark lies rough below my fingertips
But I can still feel our carvings
Two sets of initials
One demonstration of love
So long ago, too long
A bead of sticky sap traces across my hand
The tree weeps for me
I tap its ancient trunk and turn away
“Until tomorrow, my friend”
We’ll do it all again
As we do everyday
And will until our sap runs dry

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