A Burnished Distance

The bridge stretches beyond the borders of the life I’ve lived. A demarcation between the wider world and me, I taste the unknown that brushes against my lips from future landscapes. Gone are the lush greens and myriad colours of a home bedecked with wildflowers, instead, replaced by burnished skies. But I like the glint […]


 To spend one moment reflected in your eyes Would be better than an Eternity without. To catch a whispered note upon your breath, Preferable to infinite noise. To see you in my arms rather than his, All I could wish for. Yet better a life in longing than no life at all. Whomever said that knows nothing — For the tangled mass of man […]


I never really knew her I know that now She hid beneath a veneer A falsity of expression What really went on Behind those doll’s eyes That impassive facade Only she knew Her incredible beauty Provided the distraction The likes of I succumbed to It was all a masquerade And I fell for it But, […]