A Burnished Distance

The bridge stretches beyond the borders of the life I’ve lived. A demarcation between the wider world and me, I taste the unknown that brushes against my lips from future landscapes. Gone are the lush greens and myriad colours of a home bedecked with wildflowers, instead, replaced by burnished skies. But I like the glint of bronze and gold, unnatural, yet enticing. And I wonder to myself if all will be so polished, so bold, so unlike what I have known? That is the gamble one takes when one walks out into a larger more brazen world.

I do not look back for I have left that place in my past. There is only the future now and the burnished distance beyond.


 To spend one moment reflected in your eyes
 Would be better than an Eternity without.
 To catch a whispered note upon your breath,
 Preferable to infinite noise.
 To see you in my arms rather than his,
 All I could wish for.
 Yet better a life in longing than no life at all.
 Whomever said that knows nothing
 For the tangled mass of man who sits here brooding
 Percolates fury at your never being his.
 To writhe in frustration is my lot.
 I live it without hope, or expectation
 For you do not even know my name!
 Maybe one day though?
 Then again,
 Maybe not.

 (Image courtesy cl0aked on deviantart.com)


Masks Image

I never really knew her
I know that now
She hid beneath a veneer
A falsity of expression
What really went on
Behind those doll’s eyes
That impassive facade
Only she knew
Her incredible beauty
Provided the distraction
The likes of I succumbed to
It was all a masquerade
And I fell for it
But, I don’t care
I love her still