Surfing Stars

 Every boat had a captain, ours just happened to surf stars. Instead of water, he had the universal currents of space, riding the night in endless gravitational waves. We had no idea how he knew where to head, (it all looked the same to us,) but he did. One day, or night, or evening, […]

Self-worth to the Worthless

Self-worth to the Worthless This is my latest post on Medium. I try not to preach but this is a subject close to my heart. I hope you enjoy reading it. Ask yourself this: how many times have you heard it said he or she is worthless? They’re no good for nothing! He’s a waster! […]

Everything is Nothing

“Everything is nothing,” she whispered. They were the last words my mother spoke before she died. I didn’t understand them, how could I? Illness took her before I’d even had chance to get to know her. At least, that’s how it felt once the pain ebbed away. I didn’t take my mother’s death well. Some […]

50 Word Stories: Moneyless

She gave him a coin and told him to put it in his pocket. “Why?” said the boy. “To remind you of the days we used to use money.” “But we do use money?” “Here’s to hoping you’re the clever boy who grows up to prove we don’t need it.”


There’s no value in wealth; No joy in the coin; No reason for hoarding, Less still for greed; No purpose in want; No happiness in dollars spent, And no pockets in a shroud. I think I shall remain pocketless. Yes, it’s pocketless for me.

True Strength

Strength is not defined within normal parameters  It is not measured by the hand that wields the gun  Nor in the coins that waterfall from manicured hands  It cannot be gleaned from oppression, violence and pain  Not even in the pen of the politician for their ink is stained with blood  No, my friends  Only in the smiles of those who […]

Black Friday, Black Friday

 Black Friday, Black Friday, A name that chimes doom, As the promise of sales Draws folks from the room. Saving a dollar Tears Thanksgiving apart,  And the child by the fire Feels the loss in its heart. Are we so commercial  As to look forward with glee To dates and reminders That split families? I think I’ll continue As though nothing’s occurred. The date in my diary’s Already […]

Value of Life

 Wondrous light of fracturing night  Does shine on me through beauteous light  To seal the holes in porous heart  Where life dissolves to fall apart  And seal the wounds from twisted minds  I apologise if you deem unkind  But so few in humble eyes  Value the gift we call our lives