Behind the Veil

 The veil did nothing to hide her allure. She peeped out from a four-by-one slash in the fabric of time and blotted out the universe with those eyes. When she blinked, my heart stopped. When those lashes of Egyptian rushes swept open, my heart leapt back into life. She controlled me without ever even […]

50 Word Stories: Raven

An oil-slick midnight, raven plumage crashed against velvet skin; she enraptured from the very first look. But a beautiful visage does not a goddess make. Too late did I realise. By then, I lay in her tar-pit embrace. She was still my raven, but only in cackling voice.


 Flaunt your effervescence  Dandy, peacock fool, For I shall treat you with disdain. Acting like I should know you, Personifying cool as you do, Strutting, colluding with the know-hows, Creating falsehoods. I do not care, For I shall deem not to know you; Pretend to not register your name; Remain indifferent to your presence, And curse your every foppish stance. I shall wait for perfunctory introductions, Then […]

The Reddest Shoes (Twisted Fairytales)

Written for and inspired by Kimberly. Check out her great blog.    How Karen loved those red shoes Flaunted Disobeyed her adopted mother Relentless Wore them always to church Blasphemous  Wore them whilst her mother took ill Uncaring Even wore them to her parent’s funeral Disgusting Showed them off to a passing soldier Chastised And as if by magic, Karen danced Twirled She pirouetted, kicked, sashayed Unstoppable  Tore through streets, […]