Cocoa Lagoons

My Mornings  I’m reclining in a cocoa lagoon where the natives all wear the same clothing and the colours never change. I like it here in this snippet of another world, my personal escape. I breathe. I write. The sound of grinding coffee is not a vexation but a soothing balm. Here, people talk […]


They shared everything in life. And, despite the restrictions forced upon them, Francesca and Francine were happy, I think. That all changed with the masquerade ball. That all changed because of me. Francesca swept towards me with the grace of a butterfly on the wing. She was radiant in her copper-coloured dress and gold sash; […]

Venetian Excess

 He bows low, Sweeps an elegant arm. She returns With a coy smile. His masked eyes gleam; Her lashes flutter, As the music plays And masquerade surrounds. Such is the ballet Of Venetian excess; Such is life In the lagoon.