Darkest Night

Twisting, turning, shining bright,

Tonight’s the night of shadow light.

Where black will burn as bright as gold

With gloom, and doom, and ravens cold.

The woods alive with darkness rife,

Trees will grasp and come to life;

The creaking, shrieking, shredding bark

Of wooden men with wooden heart.

No place for moon in onyx empyrean,

Her freezing tears shall cause delirium.

So watch and pray as pumpkins rise

To dance on stilts with chiseled eyes.

They hop, and curse to Halloween,

A night for them to shout and scream;

To pull, and tug, and torture all

Especially children lost and small.

So lock your doors and bunk up tight

For evil seeks an evenings fright.

Don’t talk to stranger on the street;

Don’t step in liquid at your feet;

For under moonless, foreboding sky

Blood runs black and will never dry.

But hope will come with dawning day

That seeks to chase the witch away,

And keep the vampires all at length,

And subdue ogre’s mighty strength.

For all seems worse in All Hallows’ light

On this the years most darkest night.

(Amazing image courtesy StinaWiik on deviantart.com)

Beyond Dreams

Beyond image

Clover fields stretch before me
To the borders of the sea,
Where waves lick at the sand
And pebbles tussle with the surf.
The Sun is doused in liquid gold
And stars touch the horizon.
It surpasses perfection;
All I could have ever hoped for,
And all I could have ever dreamed.
To look out from my window
To that which one day
We shall all return to,
Could there be anything better?
Then, you move closer to me
Gently squeezing my hand in your own,
And I know there could.

The Kitten

Picture courtesy of Google images.

I walked down the lane
But I wasn’t alone
A little black kitten
Was following me home
He mewed at me once
Like he needed a friend
As he followed me
Around that final bend
He looked at me softly
With big blue eyes
And leapt in my arms
It was such a surprise
No collar had he
So dishevelled and unkept
And that’s how I got
A kitten for a pet


No need for words
The silence says more
Chests rise in harmony
In the still of the night
And two are as one
This is my moment
The last thing I shall see
At the end of the tunnel
I feel you relax into my arms
Asleep at last
Warm breath on my neck
Take care my love
And dream only the best
For I shall watch over you
Now and forever

When Loneliness Strikes

Loneliness is the hardest thing
It strikes when you’re distracted
In the non-beat of a heart
You are single, deserted
Alone and clutching
At that last lingering breath
How can a lover’s farewell
Nothing but a wisp of air
Strike so hard
An iron fist to the jaw
You wish to catch it in a net
And hold it close
But intangible it slips
Silently through the holes
And rushes away
In that moment
The longest of your life
Loneliness seizes you
And you know it will never let go

Ghost Moth

I chanced upon a creature
So still, as to be almost unnoticeable.
At first I thought it a leaf of spectral hue,
But even leaves flutter in the breeze.
Only upon stooping low
Did your ghostly magnificence reveal itself.
Had the one you haunted perished?
Was there nothing more for you here?
Is this how you came to be out in the day?
Was this your one chance to see the sun
Before passing on to the other side?
I know not chance or err,
But your otherworldly beauty
Would have otherwise gone unnoticed.
And, what a shame that would be
For all, but especially your next client.
Who knows, it could be me!

Lessons For Avoiding A Broken Heart

It is a sequence of events that leads to a broken heart.
The negation of one part only delays the prospect.
You must treat every aspect from first glance to burial
With the same care as if you’d never sampled one before.
Each day is a new day, each smile a new moment.
Every glance into their eyes is that first shy glimpse.
Treat each as if it was the most precious moment ever;
Remember a heart shatters easily.
Only the purest remain unbroken, even then each needs its twin.
Nothing is simple or easy to achieve in love.
This is what makes its completion all the more special.
Do not fear the broken heart just remember it happens
And, hopefully, you’ll never have to bare it alone.


I Dreamt We Were Fog

The Fog image

I dreamt we were fog, at least, I thought it a dream
Swirling together over darkened, city streets
Intertwining through deepest midnight
Molecules flowing until we had no beginning or end
Your intangible hand closed upon my heart, ethereal love
The slightest winter breeze ushered our passage
God’s breath, through alleyways and yards
I cared not where we drifted
On and on through the concrete world
Deep into countryside silent and still
Where temperatures plummeted and frost filled the night
At last the fog thinned then dispersed completely
And I felt our bodies stretched and chilled
Until we crystallised like breath on an arctic wind
And dropped gently to the ground as one being
Merged, fused together over soil and grass
Laid together like sugared silk
Sparkling in the glow of a waxing moon
All I knew, it was perfection
We shivered into each other a little more and waited for the morning
I wished it to never end
I’m not sure that it has

Cat & Mouse

I spied a mouse outside my door
He eyed me up from head to floor
I knew he wished to visit me
And be fed scraps for his due tea
Which strangely was my cat’s wish too
Whilst hiding in my outside loo
I flung my arms to scare the mouse
But he just dodged into my house
As did my cat in hot pursuit
As though he dashed for stolen loot
I followed both but was too late
The mouse was sitting on my plate
And with him feasting like a king
On my roast beef the cheeky thing
Was that darn cat the good for nothing
I bet the pair were secretly laughing
But I couldn’t shout at the crazy couple
So instead just joined them on the double

Where Mermaids Wait (Sequel to Adrift)

Mermaid (Photo credit: kissabug)

Deep, deep, down below
In a place that’s never seen the snow
Where darkness rules a liquid home
And pressure crushes at your bones
Lies treasures from the wrecks of men
But only fish can get to them
Where luminescent pierces night
My mermaid waits this sailor’s plight
Down I drift to meet my doom
As figures rise up from the gloom
And emerald eyes stare at my form
Perhaps I look lost and forlorn
As hands so soft take hold of me
They pull me down incessantly
Until my breath no longer hold
For me there’ll be no getting old