Darkest Night

Twisting, turning, shining bright, Tonight’s the night of shadow light. Where black will burn as bright as gold With gloom, and doom, and ravens cold. The woods alive with darkness rife, Trees will grasp and come to life; The creaking, shrieking, shredding bark Of wooden men with wooden heart. No place for moon in onyx […]

Beyond Dreams

Clover fields stretch before me To the borders of the sea, Where waves lick at the sand And pebbles tussle with the surf. The Sun is doused in liquid gold And stars touch the horizon. It surpasses perfection; All I could have ever hoped for, And all I could have ever dreamed. To look out […]

The Kitten

Picture courtesy of Google images. I walked down the laneBut I wasn’t aloneA little black kittenWas following me homeHe mewed at me onceLike he needed a friendAs he followed meAround that final bendHe looked at me softlyWith big blue eyesAnd leapt in my armsIt was such a surprise No collar had heSo dishevelled and unkeptAnd […]


No need for wordsThe silence says moreChests rise in harmonyIn the still of the nightAnd two are as oneThis is my momentThe last thing I shall seeAt the end of the tunnelI feel you relax into my armsAsleep at lastWarm breath on my neckTake care my love And dream only the bestFor I shall watch […]

When Loneliness Strikes

Loneliness is the hardest thingIt strikes when you’re distracted In the non-beat of a heartYou are single, desertedAlone and clutching At that last lingering breathHow can a lover’s farewellNothing but a wisp of airStrike so hardAn iron fist to the jawYou wish to catch it in a netAnd hold it closeBut intangible it slipsSilently through […]

Ghost Moth

I chanced upon a creatureSo still, as to be almost unnoticeable.At first I thought it a leaf of spectral hue,But even leaves flutter in the breeze.Only upon stooping low Did your ghostly magnificence reveal itself.Had the one you haunted perished?Was there nothing more for you here?Is this how you came to be out in the […]

Lessons For Avoiding A Broken Heart

It is a sequence of events that leads to a broken heart. The negation of one part only delays the prospect. You must treat every aspect from first glance to burial With the same care as if you’d never sampled one before. Each day is a new day, each smile a new moment. Every glance […]

I Dreamt We Were Fog

I dreamt we were fog, at least, I thought it a dream Swirling together over darkened, city streets Intertwining through deepest midnight Molecules flowing until we had no beginning or end Your intangible hand closed upon my heart, ethereal love The slightest winter breeze ushered our passage God’s breath, through alleyways and yards I cared […]

Cat & Mouse

I spied a mouse outside my doorHe eyed me up from head to floorI knew he wished to visit meAnd be fed scraps for his due teaWhich strangely was my cat’s wish tooWhilst hiding in my outside looI flung my arms to scare the mouse But he just dodged into my houseAs did my cat […]

Where Mermaids Wait (Sequel to Adrift)

Deep, deep, down below In a place that’s never seen the snow Where darkness rules a liquid home And pressure crushes at your bones Lies treasures from the wrecks of men But only fish can get to them Where luminescent pierces night My mermaid waits this sailor’s plight Down I drift to meet my doom […]