50 Word Stories: Touching God

And I stood before the surging star stuff as in a dream, but a dream so real as to reach out and swirl the very fabric of reality with my fingertips. I thought then, Is this what it means to be God? If so, I'd rather just enjoy the view.

Water’s Edge (A Sunday View)

Today was a bad day before I'd even finished my coffee, (that's not good). So, after a run not clearing my brain, the next best thing was a walk to the river.
In truth, where I live the river is more estuary than actual waterway. Over a mile wide, the Humber is at its best on a clear, sunny day where the wind remains strong. The results are pictures like the one above.
The wonderful Neil Gaiman wrote about 'The Ocean at the End of the Lane', a great book by the way. This is my real life version ' the estuary at the end of the path'. It's not quite as magical but it does the trick.
Sometimes all you need to remind yourself of the important things is a view. I'd like a few more mountains, but beggars can't be choosers.

I hope your own weekends contains some magical sights too.

Richard M. Ankers
Author of The Eternals Series
The Eternals
Hunter Hunted
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50 Word Stories: Passing Through


Another town,

another day,

another view,

I never stay.

I hum the same song. The words chug out with the same repetition as the tracks, a beat only I appreciate. It’s no life, mum claimed, travelling without a destination. She never understood. No one does. Only the songwriter and me.

This Rock

Above the clouds where seasons change by the minute, you tower.

In ochre rock, snow capped peak prevails; I envy you your seclusion.

Awash in sunlight, sparkling, just sparkling, without hint of bias from the scaremongers, you astound.

And whilst the climbers, the walkers, those just there for a view, do stress, you observe in patient majesty.

This rock, they say, but they don’t know you. You’re so much more than the stones you’re built from, for dreams run through your seams, and shall until you crumble.

Personal note: That’s the top of the Eiger in the Alps, my favourite view in the whole world. How I wish I could view it every day.

Unearthly Charms

There are worlds beyond the eye

I know, as I’ve watched them fly

Through the deepest darkest dream

In dimensions too extreme

There are mountains on the moon

Made to visit just not soon

Where the Martians hide and wait

End of us, anticipate

There are forces from the grave

I have seen, but would not rave

As the darkness swallows light

A good heart would surely fright

But in all I’ve seen and more

Only one did I adore

T’was the girl upon my arm

Stole my heart, unearthly charm

Will I venture out again

Maybe yes, but all’s the same

For I’ll never find a view

That is half as good as you