50 Word Stories: Touching God

 And I stood before the surging star stuff as in a dream, but a dream so real as to reach out and swirl the very fabric of reality with my fingertips. I thought then, Is this what it means to be God? If so, I'd rather just enjoy the view.

Water’s Edge (A Sunday View)

 Today was a bad day before I'd even finished my coffee, (that's not good). So, after a run not clearing my brain, the next best thing was a walk to the river. In truth, where I live the river is more estuary than actual waterway. Over a mile wide, the Humber is at its […]

This Rock

Above the clouds where seasons change by the minute, you tower. In ochre rock, snow capped peak prevails; I envy you your seclusion. Awash in sunlight, sparkling, just sparkling, without hint of bias from the scaremongers, you astound. And whilst the climbers, the walkers, those just there for a view, do stress, you observe in […]