50 Word Stories: Viewpoints

Every elephant carried a suitcase tucked neatly under its tusks. Marching down the high street in one long line, the elephants bowed to each passer by in turn, then wandered out of town. “Where are they going?” said the adults as one. “Who packed their trunks?” laughed all the children.

In White

 They came as an armada of white bobbing atop the windswept waters. Even without a sun to cast bright rays upon them, they gleamed with a magnificence our best could not match. Prows raised, proud before our feeble defenders, they cut the waves in two without even trying. There was no doubt who’d won […]

#VignetteSeries – This Dancer / This Monster

Author’s Note: I was playing around with twisting paragraphs. Just when you were to think ‘ooh, that’s lovely’ it wouldn’t be. This is one of them.  She pirouetted like a dandelion seed caught in a breeze exuding freedom from her every fibre. She danced across meadows and twirled over sidewalks, skipped through puddles and […]

In the Eyes of The Beholder.

In the Eyes of The Beholder. Her beauty, indisputable to any onlooker, meant little to me. She cavorted around like a mink on steroids, stilettos tapping, indigo eyeliner a blur in the low light. She burned, of that there was no doubt, had fire in her belly, even, but for and on behalf of what, […]

Floral Snows

 World within a world, Life within a gaze, Busy little hover-fly Buzzing through its days. I see a pretty flower, You see a world of snow, I’ll dally moment longer And wait to see you go.